Obtain Rich Snippets in SERPs

OnCrawl gives you the tools to audit the elements that can help you create rich snippets and stand out in the SERPs.

Why you want rich snippets

Rich snippets are search results with additional data. They do not only contain the URL, the title, and a description, but also contain various types of additional information drawn from structured data on the page. This information may be presented in Schema.org entity format, or in other types of structures, such as tables. It may include prices, ratings, breadcrumbs, thumbnails, and other types of information depending on the subject of the page.

Rich snippets influence click-through rates (CTR)

Many studies have looked at the advantage of rich snippets. Most quote an increase of 20-30% in CTR, or the percentage of the time that search users click on the snippet to go to the website.

  • Use OnCrawl to accurately track your structured data per page and page groups
  • Earn additional rich snippets by increasing the number of pages with rich data

Rich data as a potential ranking factor

Rich snippets not only encourage increased user interaction. They also indicate that Google has understood your page content. Both of these can help you rank higher in the search results by providing evidence that your page may be a better match for a search query.

  • With OnCrawl’s metrics, make sure your money pages can appear as rich snippets
  • Combine OnCrawl’s metrics with Search Console data to monitor keyword rankings for top pages.

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