SEO in Orbit: A results-focused approach to log file analysis

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A results-focused approach to log file analysis

Aired on: May 7th, 2019

What are some of the applications of log file analysis that can be applied directly to your SEO strategy for measurable results? Ian Lurie and OnCrawl’s Alice Roussel develop use cases of log file analysis applied to SEO


Ian Lurie
Ian Lurie is the Founder of Portent, a Clearlink Digital Agency. Portent provides paid and organic search and social media, content, and analytics services to B2B and B2C brands including Patagonia, Princess, Linode, and Tumi.
Ian’s professional specialties and favorite topics are marketing strategy, search, history, and all things nerdy. He spends far too much time poring over Amazon search patents, Google rankings and natural language processing theory. His random educational background includes a B.A. in History from UC San Diego and a degree in Law from UCLA. Ian recently wrote about log file analysis on the Portent blog.
You can find Ian on Twitter at @portentint


Hosted by: Alice Roussel
Alice Roussel is a Technical SEO specialist and Customer Success Manager at OnCrawl.
Alice puts her years of experience as a Technical SEO Manager on the agency side to good use; she provides daily support and hands-on training for clients so they can boost their ability to find actionable takeaways in crawl data. Passionate about data analysis and how it can be put to work for SEO, she uses technical skills to make a real difference. Her ideal day involves reading Google patents & running log analyses. You can also find her on twitter, or blogging at

Webinar Summary

Presenting Alice Roussel and Ian Lurie – [01:30]
What is a log file? – [03:13]
Log files as a “single source of truth” – [06:25]
Under-use of log files – [07:40]
Use cases:
– Adjusting the distribution of crawl budget – [08:54]
– Finding hidden links causing crawl waste and ranking drops – [09:45]
– Checking that bots hit the right pages – [11:30]
– Checking the number of each type of HTTP status – [12:15]
– Confirming whether Google follows or supports directives – [12:40]
– Monitoring delays between publishing and first organic traffic – [16:07]
– Benefiting from up-to-date or real-time information – [17:17]
– Examining correlations with indexing or page performance – [17:27]
– Observing advantages of site authority in indexing time – [18:33]

How to improve indexing speed:
– Technical SEO – [19:37]
– EAT – [20:27]
– Site architecture and hierarchy – [20:37]
– Demonstrate page importance through linking structure – [20:58]

Setting up log formats for SEO – [21:51]
Avoiding levels of interpretation of data – [23:10]
Using GREP to sift through large files – [24:57]
“Why should I give you my log files?” – [25:50]
Different Googlebots to monitor in log files – [26:57]
Arguments to get access to clients’ log data – [28:46]
Log files and security – [29:48]
Log files and images – [31:38]
When to use real-time log monitoring – [32:50]

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OnCrawl is an award-winning technical SEO platform that helps you make smarter SEO decisions. OnCrawl combines your content, log files and search data at scale so that you can open Google’s blackbox and build a SEO strategy with confidence. Backed by a SEO crawler, a log analyzer and third-party integrations, OnCrawl currently works with over 800 clients in 66 countries including e-commerce websites, online publishers and travel websites. OnCrawl produces actionable dashboards and reports to support your entire search engine optimization process and helps you improve your rankings, traffic and revenues.