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Prevent crawl budget waste

Increase your chance to rank pages and improve your website’s quality as seen by search engines

438 355 000 log lines for bot hits and organic visits processed daily
4 500 000 URLs that didn't need to be crawled (Case Study)
x2.5 crawl frequency (Case Study)

Do you need to optimize your crawl budget?

Google representatives have repeatedly stated that many sites don’t need to worry about their crawl budget. However, if you have a big site like most job boards, classified ads listings, or online publications, you’ve probably found that you have enough pages that optimizing crawl budget can make a difference in that key area: getting new pages indexed quickly.


How can Oncrawl help you rank pages faster?

You want to get better rankings faster by helping Google and other search engines understand what’s important on your site. You also want to keep Googlebot away from parts of your site that shouldn’t be indexed. That’s exactly why you should use Oncrawl:

  • Day-to-day monitoring of which site sections consume the most/least crawl budget
  • Check how long it takes between when a page is discovered by search engines and when it gets its first organic visits
  • Make sure that your priority pages are crawled when they are updated
  • Ensure that new pages are crawled shortly after they are published
  • Identify the differences in how your site is treated by Google, Bing, Baidu and Yandex

What do you need to optimize your crawl budget?

SEO Crawler picto

Technical SEO Crawler

Run a complete crawl of your website to understand how your priority pages are distributed and verify the technical attributes that make them accessible to Googlebot.

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Technical SEO Log Analyzer

Use your server logs to reveal and monitor search engine bot behavior on your site to discover which sections are crawled the most–and the least.

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" I try to increase the number of indexed pages so I have to optimize the crawl budget that Google dedicates to my sites. For example, I can identify pages with a strong value, poor content, duplicated content… isolate and update them… and thus optimize the crawl. Oncrawl has allowed me to see our site just like Google does, and if you want to understand what Google wants, this is indispensable. "
Julien Ferras SEO Project Manager at Lagardère

Companies like yours use Oncrawl to prevent crawl budget waste