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Understand crawlability & indexing

Examine your site with Google’s eyes to remove roadblocks to ranking and organic traffic

30 crawl settings
150 cross-analysis graphics
600 analyzable metrics from Google Search Console
+70% in organic traffic with improved crawlability (Case study)

Do you need to remove roadblocks to ranking and organic traffic?

All types and sizes of sites are concerned by what pages are crawlable, and what crawlable content can be indexed. Looking at these issues with an SEO crawler helps you see the problems that a search engine crawler encounters, and can be a valuable aid in solving many problems such as duplicate content, bad redirects, unindexed content, or even orphan pages.

Why use Oncrawl to analyze your pages' crawlability and indexability?

With Oncrawl, you will open Google’s blackbox in order to increase rankings and revenues. Oncrawl gives you access to a wealth of information, including errors to correct to improve your positioning in the SERPs:

  • Learn how your redirects and errors may hurt your crawlability
  • Check crawl ratio by segment or by depth
  • Determine which ranking factor influences bot behavior
  • Anticipate rises or drops in your rankings by monitoring crawl frequency

What do you need to optimize your website’s crawlability and indexing?

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Technical SEO Crawler

Run a complete crawl of your website to identify technical issues on your pages that prevent them from being crawled or indexed, and which need to be resolved in order to rank your page.

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Technical SEO Log Analyzer

Track search engine bot hits and organic visitors’ behavior. Use live monitoring to detect critical issues during key operations.

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" We chose to invest in Oncrawl because we wanted to get ahead of some of the issues that could disrupt Google's ability to crawl our site efficiently. As a large publication, we need to ensure that Google can crawl, render, and index our content just as quickly as we publish. "
Dayne Richards SEO Analyst at Forbes

Companies like yours use Oncrawl to increase rankings and revenues