Improve content quality

OnCrawl gives you unique opportunities to evaluate your content performance and focus on the right metrics from number of words, to structured data or n-grams analysis.

Why focus on content quality?

As SEOs, we all know content is king. But depending on your industry, level of competition, or size of your website, improving your content quality can be a complex issue.

Identify hard-to-spot content optimisations

You can boost the impact of your pieces of content thanks to a variety of optimisations, such as structured data to obtain rich snippets, text-to-code ratio to help search engines crawl your website, or image metadata to rank in universal search. OnCrawl gives you access to more than 60 metrics on content alone.

  • Learn what content optimisations impact the rankings for your site
  • Build your content roadmap with confidence
  • Spot pages with too thin content
  • Analyze your keywords

Get your content mobile and multilingual ready

As search engines become more and more comprehensive for a better mobile experience and provide more ways to internationalize your content, OnCrawl will help you implement the right optimizations.

  • Perfect your AMP integration
  • Control your hreflang tags and languages used
  • Understand your payload

Size of content may matter

We all know we need content but the big question is how much content do you need to achieve your goals. OnCrawl aims at giving you the ideal metrics to reach with your content.

  • Understand which volume of words is needed to impact crawl ratio
  • Determine the ideal number of words to put a page on the top of SERPs

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