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January 30, 2018 - 7  min reading time - by Julie Quintard
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It is time to begin this new year! As we just ended 2017, the Oncrawl team offers you its selection of the 10 major international SEO events of this year. Whether you live in New York, London or Paris, discover the main international events closest to your country.

SMX West: March 13th to 15th / San Jose

The SMX West (Search Marketing Expo), settles in the West of United States! This event has been one of the leading conferences for SEO and SEM professionals for over a decade now. Its goal is to deliver actionable and powerful insights to the marketing community. They offer multiple tracks to fit everyone: you will always find an interesting conference. Besides, they guarantee to only promote White Hat SEO methods and to receive respected brands such as Google, Bing or Amazon. This is a great opportunity to meet the SEO community and to share tips that can drive traffic, convert visitors and grow your business! This year, we will be at our booth to show you all of our latest features and we will also make a short speech to introduce our tool and its strategic issues.

C3: March 7th-8th / New York City

The C3 is a known event in United States. By attending the conferences, you will get the right mix of marketing inspiration, innovation and insight. They receive senior marketers from leading global brands as Joe Pulizzi, Founder of CMI or Purna Virji, Sr Manager, Global Engagement at Microsoft. During 2 days, you will have the opportunity to learn about AI, Content, Tracking or again international SEO. Last year, 96 % of attendees rated the event as good or excellent. So if you are close to New York, do not hesitate! The C3 team is happy to share a coupon code with the Oncrawl readers. Use C318-ONCRAWL to save 200$ by registering here.

Advanced Search Summit: March 22nd to 23rd / Napa

The conference series of the Advanced Search Summit is devoted to developing your skills as a SEO/SEM professional. You can network with industry thought leaders, learn their advanced tactics, and bring back actionable data that will improve your business success! In March in Napa, you will have the opportunity to meet Adam Singer from Google, Purna Virji from Bing or William Sears from LinkedIn. According to Forbes:“Napa Summit is the Quintessential Destination for Advanced SEO/SEM professionals”.
So if you are looking to fast-track your search engine skills, you presence at Napa Summit is essential!

Brighton SEO: April 26th / Brighton

The Brighton SEO event was born from a conversation between Kelvin Newman and some other SEOs. The concept was to share ideas and chat about all the interesting stuff that can’t be approach with anyone outside of the industry. The speakers will provide a practical and advanced course that will build your knowledge of technical and on-page SEO, allowing you to learn about and utilize advanced on-page SEO techniques. According to Danielle Easton, SEO Consultant at 22 Digital, “the Brighton SEO is always a great experience. The whole team learn something new from the industry leaders’ experiences”. Oncrawl believes that this event is ideal to increase your SEO knowledge through practical training. You will find us at our stand where we will show you our latest features. Besides, François Goube, CEO of Oncrawl, will hold a conference about how to deal with rankbrain and AI in SEO.

Festiwal SEO: May 19th / Katowice

This is the fifth edition of the Festiwal SEO which takes place in the Polish city Katowice. The SEO market in Poland is one of the fastest growing up market in Europe. Going to this event is a great opportunity to meet SEO professionals from the country but also from different cities in Europe! During the whole day of the event, you will have the possibility to attend interesting presentation of case studies and to discuss new products in search engine marketing. Every year, they receive a dozen of practitioners to share their knowledge and valuables examples. We don’t have the program of the 2018 edition yet but we can already tell you that the Oncrawl team will be there as well as François Goube, CEO of Oncrawl who will hold a conférence.

SMX Paris: June 12th to 13th / Paris

After the United States, the notorious SEO event will settle in Paris for a two days conferences. Year after year, the SMX reputation increases in France as well as its success and its attendees! And the 2017 participants were not disappointed at all: “The SMX is a wonderful opportunity to discover the different aspects of the Search Marketing, to catch up and to meet the best professionals of the market to build an invaluable network”. For the 2018 edition, the 9th consecutive year, meeting is given at Paris for two days of conference about the latest SEO innovations and the best practices of the industry.

Seonthebeach: June 15th to 16th / La Manga de Mar Menor

This event is probably not the biggest SEO event in Spain but it is definitely our favorite one! The idea of this event is to meet SEOs, to learn the latest technical methods and to have fun in a relaxed atmosphere. The organisers speak about “Beachworking”, the idea of breaking away from the serious and distant environnements. They believe that big business starts with the deal between people. For this 2018 edition, François Goube, CEO & Founder of Oncrawl will be there to hold a conference and to introduce you to the new version of our tool. Therefore, if you are looking for a casual opportunity to meet online marketing professionals, this event is made for you!

MozCon: July 9th to 11th / Seattle

As you probably know, Moz is one of the main international SEO actors. Every year, they organize several events in the United States designed for SEOs. During the MozCon you can have the chance to meet MozCon speakers which are here to share their next-level tactics on everything from ranking higher in today’s evolving search results to making data-driven decisions in your marketing. For three days, you will be able to attend actionable sessions in SEO, CRO or again analytics and to connect with the Moz community of industry leaders. The event is recognized for its comprehensive program: “So many case study are being presented, so many best practices, tips and actionable stuff and I think that is definitively the strength of MozCon”, Talia Wolf, Founder of Conversioner and Banana Splash.

INBOUND: September 4th to 7th / Boston

INBOUND is an important event in the United States which focus in the strategies of inbound marketing. Their purpose is to provide the inspiration, education and connections you need to grow and transform your business. With 300+ educational sessions and 19 000+ fellow attendees to network the possibilities are endless! This event is not a 100 % SEO focus but this is a really good opportunity to connect you with inbound marketing and sales professionals and to learn about the whole process of inbound marketing and to improve your content strategy, a major factor for SEO. For Taryne Thorpe, Marketing Automation, Specialist, “INBOUND is a such a great experience to have all of us marketers in one place. We learn from each other, we network, and we get reassurance on things we already know”.

Pubcon: October 2018 / Las Vegas

As you may know, Pubcon Inc. is an Austin Texas based technology corporation that produces trade shows and conferences. Every year, they organize several events across the world about trade show in the internet marketing and SEO. Their biggest conference is in Las Vegas and this year it will be in October. We don’t have the program of the conferences yet but we can tell you that last year they received leading experts as Gary Illyes from Google or Joost de Valk from Yoast. A gold mine of information for SEO professionals!

+1 DoYouSEO Camp: February 2018 / Montreal

The DoYouSEO association gathers the SEO and SEA fans of Montreal. They had been the first one to launch a SEO community in this town. Their goal is to regroup SEOs to share the latest innovations and best practices of the industry. Regularly, they organize the DoYouSEO Camp, a sort of webcamp focusing on SEO topics. We are very pleased to be the sponsor and to host the next DoYouSEO Camp which will take place in our office in Montreal! For this first 2018 edition, the theme will be “Integration of Web Analytics in the SEO strategy”. François Goube will talk about how to become an Augmented Referencer and the fusion between data from analytics tools, crawl and Google Search Console to take the best SEO decisions.

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