5 KPIs to measure a successful e-commerce SEO strategy

March 15, 2022 - 2  min reading time - by Magalie Rousseaux
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Despite the slow overall economic activity in the past two years due to the global pandemic, the e-commerce industry experienced unexpected and unprecedented growth. With the restrictions implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many turned to e-commerce websites to do what could no longer be done in person.

While having your own e-commerce website can give you potential access to a larger audience of prospective customers, implementing the right SEO strategy is the best way to ensure better reach. Following a study conducted by our team which looks at 15 different e-commerce sites, we’ve selected the 5 KPIs to help you understand how Google interacts with these sites.
Find out what metrics to follow to develop an SEO strategy for your e-commerce site!

5 KPIs e-commerce seo strategy

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KPI #1: What is the percentage of pages crawled by Googlebot?

61% Product pages
74% Category pages

KPI #2: What is Googlebot crawl frequency on category pages?

2.1 times per day (Pages with organic visits)
0.3 times per day (Pages without organic visits)

KPI #3: What is the percentage of pages with organic visits?

11% (Product pages)
38% (Category pages)

KPI #4: What is the average word count?

1610 words (Pages ranked on Google)
1335 words (Pages not ranked on Google)

KPI #5: What is the maximum depth crawled by Google?

45 depth length

Takeaways: Ecommerce KPls and Googlebot monitoring

“Log files are the reflection of what Google does on your e-commerce site. Understanding its behavior is useful with the help of a whole panel of graphics that we offer in the Oncrawl application. It is thanks to them that we are able to understand its behavior on average on e-commerce sites.

With the logs and the cross-analysis, we can also detect other optimization opportunities. You will be able to ask yourself if the X depth pages are crawled by Google and how often each day. If the number of links has an impact on the crawlability of your site and SEO visits. The logs are a gold mine.”

– Pauline Pouzou
SEO Strategist @Oncrawl

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