12 women share their passion for Data and SEO

April 28, 2021 - 6  min reading time - by Magalie Rousseaux
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Do you also sometimes have the impression that web-related fields, SEO, and the intersection of data science and SEO are mainly dominated by men? Few women are visible in these fields, and few women in digital marketing jobs are specialized in data and SEO.

According to The Simply Marketing Job 2018–19 annual report, job profiles related to analytical skills and activities (SEO, PPC, and Data Analysis) tend to attract more men, while sectors like events, PR, or assistance roles are more sought by women.

But the gender parity in the digital sector seems to be improving. However, if the numbers are much better than in other market sectors, stereotypes remain.

That’s why we wanted to highlight these talented women, known or not, who are all super active and in search of the next discovery or future evolution in the field of data-driven SEO.

We’ve talked with 12 women who were happy to share their passion for their work. They explained what they like most about data-related SEO, and have all agreed to broaden our horizons by recommending some of their favorite Twitter accounts to follow.

Many thanks to them for their contributions in the field! We hope you’ll enjoy meeting them below.

MJ Cachón

Analytics and data science disciplines are increasingly being applied in SEO projects. They help us to take a more pragmatic view of what we do and pursue the challenge of demonstrating the impacts our strategies generate. I like it because it not only makes us better professionals, but it also opens our minds to better prioritize SEO actions or to automate analysis processes that would not be possible manually.
As a more experienced SEO analyst, I follow Iñaki Huerta, and specifically as a woman, I admire Britney Muller, Ruth Everett and Lily Ray.

Alice Roussel

There’s a big community that shares a lot in this area, and it’s always motivating to know that you can debate and discuss what you do on a daily basis, your questions, your learnings, etc. Also, having your performance depend on algorithmic models is challenging and leaves a lot of room for testing so it’s nice 🙂
I’ll give two people to follow: Aleyda Solis and Areej AbuAli for Women in Tech SEO.

Lily Ray

I am motivated by knowing that the work I do with my clients is actually making the internet a better place. We are providing real value for searchers, answering their ever-evolving questions, and helping connect potential customers with the content and services that they are looking for. That alone motivates me every day.
The person who motivates me most is Glenn Gabe. For me, no one has a better understanding (and memory) of how Google’s algorithms work, what has changed over time, and how new Google updates play into that.

Marianne Sweeny

I did not so much choose this direction as it chose me. The more I learned about search engines, the more I realized their advantage is developing technology that would be resistant to external manipulation. So, on-page/on-site was the future of SEO, strategy over tactics.
Social sciences, human computer interaction, information behavior, psycho-social behavior can use data and “boots on the ground” experience to ensure that artificially intelligent applications remain true to their mission. We are the intelligence behind AI.
The first name that comes to mind is Dawn Anderson who is brilliant about data, AI and search engines.

Emilia Gjorgjevska

When I was 16,7 I was chosen to be a pop Idol finalist in my country, which had a ​big impact on me – I saw the great power of the media world. Online marketing was just starting at that time and people were still exploring its potential.
Later on, I enrolled in my computer science studies. I had a strong will to learn how to engineer organic growth at scale, so I chose SEO – it covered everything that I was ever interested in. That is why I am here.
I follow everyone that is truly into SEO, marketing, computer science…Everyone has something unique to share and has different perspectives that are worth exploring. As a person with a diverse background, I’ve also become something like a dragonfly – the best problem solving is happening when your eyes are “composed of tens of thousands of lenses” at the same time.

Cindy Krum

In terms of what motivates me, here is a quote: “SEO is great because it is a constantly evolving challenge. As Google gets better, we have to get better too – And there are constantly more types of data and information that can impact rankings and SEO traffic.”
The person to follow for this is 100% Annie Cushing, she is great!

Pauline Pouzou

What motivates me in SEO is the constantly changing environment. You have to adapt according to the technical specificities for example. An SEO element can be true for a site but not totally for another!
I like the monitoring aspect, test and learn to have the best solution to implement.
For people to follow, it’s Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR and Aleyda Solis or Lily Ray I would say 🙂

Jess Peck

There are two major things that inspire me in Data Science and SEO, and they’re kind of diametrically opposite: I love cool new things, especially with regards to machine learning and visualization.
On the other hand, I love the challenges of making a useless or broken thing, and then fixing it– It draws out what you can actually do with data and tech from a different angle.
Who to follow: Amelia Wattenberger, Charly Wargnier, Rachel Thomas, Ruth Everett and Thierry Alain.

Elisenda Monserrat Albiol

What motivates me and challenges me most (in a good way) is that SEO is always changing and everyday you’ll learn new things. Also, it’s fascinating how the SEO community, like Women in Tech SEO (WTS), they’re always willing to share their experience and help each other.
According to me the person to follow is, without a doubt, Aleyda Solis.

Victoria Olsina

I have been fascinated by the Internet since the age of 10, when I had my first internet connection, and for SEO is deciphering the enigma of what is relevant and how to make things relevant online.
I follow Aleyda Solis and Izzi Smith.

Jessica Levenson

The biggest motivator for me is the consistent challenge and opportunity. Search is always growing and changing which means there is hardly ever a dull moment. I can always uncover and build out a new and creative strategy.
As for who to follow, Aleyda Solis. I know she already gets a ton of visibility, but it is for a good reason. She is not just incredibly bright, she is one of the nicest and helpful people in our industry. Just look at her Learning SEO effort to date.

Billie Geena

I absolutely love SEO because it keeps you on your toes, you will never stop learning I’ve been doing SEO for 2 years now and I still have an “aha” moment every other week. No two sites are the same, so you never get stuck in a rut.
I follow so many SEO’s, all of who constantly teach me and inspire me. There is definitely a 3-way tie between Areej Abuali, Jamie Indigo and Aleyda Solis. All three of them constantly drop knowledge bombs and empower other women in SEO.

Strength in diversity

These testimonies of women with different backgrounds, different profiles, different cultures and different specialties show us the same enthusiasm and heightened curiosity for SEO and data.

This variety of viewpoints not only enriches SEO culture, but also helps us find better solutions, with more minds and backgrounds working on a problem. This is especially important in newer areas of SEO, like data-oriented SEO, where collaboration, experimentation, and finding new ways to approach a problem are essential.

So are there fewer women in data-related SEO jobs? We’re not sure. The thoughts shared by these women are also proof that women are increasingly present and well-represented in this industry!

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