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December 10, 2015 - 2  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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Each part of your website represents a business opportunity that you should not neglect. Even pages you didn’t suspect can bring you interesting leads like ‘Thank You’ pages, ‘Contact Us’ or ‘About Us’. Today, we are going to focus on that last one because ‘About Us’ pages can be a great partner in your overall marketing strategy. This article is an handy guide to create powerful and engaging ‘About Us’ pages.

1# Tell your story

Storytelling is at the heart of your content marketing. And this is even more accurate when it comes to your ‘About Us’ page. This is the ideal place to tell your company story – from how you started to where you are going – to humanize your brand and get closer to your visitors.
Also, try to organize your story in chapters or bullets to avoid bothering your audience with a text without any subheadlines. Your About Us section is a great opportunity to naturally engage with your audience and build a relationship based on trust. Adopt a tone that fit your brand identity and be honest, people are looking for authenticity.
And then, keep in mind that this page is also a great opportunity to develop your SEO with long-tail keywords.

2# Be concise

Find a balance between delivering your history and annoying your visitors. As your global pitch, your ‘About Us’ page is very important because it does not only focus on one product or service but on what makes you who you are. The hard part is here. Describe who you are without being too wordy. Keep it right to the point.

3#Share your core values

Sharing your values as an independent section of your ‘About Us’ page can be a winning strategy. Your values are what makes you unique compared to your competitors. They can help people recognize themselves in what you have to offer. While you need to keep them clear and short, use the right word to explain what makes you relevant and trustable. Also, you can design your values in a graphic to make them more appealing.

4# Focus on visuals

Your ‘About Us’ page design matters. Like for blog posts, images have a significant impact on your user engagement. HD images and graphics serve your content and help understand in a glance your subject. Your About Us should reflect your identity and personality while being relevant and eye-catching. You can also use infographics to introduce yourself if it’s relevant and to be concise and efficient. Also, videos are great to engage your visitors and be interactive. But be sure to be extremely qualitative with video to avoid cheap results that could damage your brand awareness.

5# Insert your contact information and social media widgets

Your social media accounts are a great way to keep the conversations ahead. If your visitors liked what they read, they might be likely to follow you to keep in touch with your latest news and content. Your contact informations are also a good way to show you are easily contactable and transparent.

6# Don’t forget to A/B test

A/B test is always the best solution to choose the right page’s composition. ‘About Us’ pages are a little trickier to measure compared to other pages as you’re not measuring any conversions but you can analyze how your visitors are reacting through time on site, bounce rate, links clicks, etc.

To go further, Search Engine Land has shared some nice examples of successful ‘About Us’ pages from which you can find inspirations.

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