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February 2, 2017 - 5  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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We have decided to compute the best technical SEO influencers you should follow on Twitter in 2017. Why these ones? Some of them are world-known SEO experts we don’t need to introduce anymore and some other should be more exposed. Our list is personal and for sure non-exhaustive but we based it on their Twitter influence, conferences attended or qualitative supports they shared on Slideshare.

Technical SEO experts to follow on Twitter

Michael King 

micheal king technical seo

Michael King is one of the best technical SEO at the moment. He has founded iPullRank, a digital marketing agency in New York and often writes for major SEO blogs. He shares on his Twitter great tips about javascript, log analysis and other hot technical SEO topics.

Aleyda Solis 

aleyda solis technical seo

Aleyda Solis is a world-known SEO consultant and speaker at major international search events who has specialities in international SEO and ASO. She writes for blogs like Search Engine Land and she is always keen to share her experiments on Twitter. If you have not followed her yet, you should!

Brian Dean 

brian dean technical seo

Backlinko is one of these SEO expert you have to know. His blog is a must and he loves to share success stories and tools he tried. With more than 46K followers, his account is full of tips and tricks articles, videos and updates about the latest search engines updates.

Will Critchlow 

Will Critchlow technical seo

Will runs Distilled and has consulted with some of the world’s largest organisations and most famous websites, spoken at most major industry events and regularly appeared in local and national press. His Twitter account is the perfect place if you are looking for the latest SEO updates.

Lukasz Zelezny

lukasz zelezny technical seo

Lukasz is a hands-on speaker as he attended a lot of international conferences since he started to work in the SEO environment around 2000. He is now the head of acquisition at uSwitchUk and owns a strong community on Twitter. He is also the owner of SEO London. Lukasz is highly involved in the SEO community as he will be judging the European Search Awards this year.

Bill Slawski 

bill slawski technical seo

Bill, founder of Seobythesea, is passionate about semantic and is a reference when it comes to technical SEO. His articles are always questioning our SEO believes and he loves to experiment. His Twitter account is a great place to learn more and find insightful resources.

Andre Alpar

andre alpar technical seo

Andre, CEO at Performics, has founded one of the most known German conference called OMCap back in 2009 and is now organising his 7th edition.
Most of his tweets are in German but he also shares interesting and accurate updates from SEO blogs.

Dawn Anderson 

dawn anderson technical seo

Dawn has built her expertise over the year focusing on technical, architectural and database-driven SEO. She is also the director of Move It Marketing and she is currently running a survey about SEO for her MSc dissertation. Speaker, judge, columnist, Dawn is sharing insightful news on her Twitter feed but also less serious stuffs.

Laurent Bourrelly

Laurent Bourrelly technical seo

Laurent, known as the French SEO rockstar, works as an SEO since 2004. He is quite active on Twitter and shares his podcasts where he invites others SEOs, talks about trending topics and subjects he loves. He will be judging the European Search Awards this year.

Bill Hartzer 

bill hartzer technical seo

Bill has started working in the SEO in 1996 and he is now a gTLD specialist. He is often speaking at search conferences and always provides actionable tips to increase his audience performance. He has created his own blog and shares his thoughts about SEO audit, linkbuilding, domain name, etc.

Jan-Willem Bobbink

jan-willem bobbink technical seo

Jan-Willem is an international SEO freelance, ambassador for Majestic, speaker and owner of his blog where he delivers tips about linkbuilding and technical SEO. His Twitter account is a must for technical SEO updates, articles from niche blogs and personal thoughts about search.

Barry Adams 

barry adams technical seo

Barry has recently won two awards for his agency at the last UK Search Awards. He is a frequent speaker at search events – always providing practical tips for SEO. His Slideshare channel is full of great supports about technical SEO and he loves to add a touch of humour to his presentation.

Aymen Loukil

aymen loukil technical seo

Aymen is a French SEO working at Reputation Vip. He has built his expertise around semantic SEO, and has soon become a reference when it comes to technical SEO in France. He is often speaking at conferences and is always willing to share his tips and discoveries.

Bastian Grimm 

Bastian Grimm technical seo

Speaker, trainer and Managing Partner of Grimm Digital, Bastian is specialized in technical SEO and focuses on link and architecture. He will be speaking at BrightonSEO and Ungagged this year. He is quite active on Twitter and shares relevant data about SEO.

Adam Audette 

adam audette technical seo

Adam works for Merkle, a data-driven, technology-enabled performance marketing agency. He is used to speak at conferences and often shares actionable articles on his blog. His Twitter gathers search marketing updates and news from the Merkle blog.

Vincent Terrasi

Vincent Terrasi technical seo

Vincent Terrasi is the French OVH Data Scientist. He is writing on his blog about SEO and data science and his Twitter account is great to discover new resources about technical SEO and researches. If you want to see him, he will be speaking at Teknseo, QueDuWeb and SMX Paris this year.

Andy Drinkwater

Andy Drinkwater technical seo

Andy is really engaged with his Twitter audience and often participates to SEO chats. UK based Freelance SEO consultant, he has many years experience working on Technical SEO projects.

Dan Shure 

dan shure technical seo

Dan Shure is the owner of Evolvingseo and daily shares relevant informations about the latest SEO news. He has built over the year a strong community on Twitter and often invites search experts to talk about trending topics during his podcasts.

Wil Reynolds 

wil reynolds technical seo

Wil Reynolds is a dynamic entrepreneur and owner of the Seer agency. He has proven over the year his expertise in the technical SEO sphere. He provides videos, articles and over great practical content to improve your SEO strategy and skills.

Annie Cushing 

Annie Cushing technical seo

Owner of the Annielytics blog, Annie makes data visualization and analytics more fun. She provides great analysis about the use of marketing tools and how to use data. Always sharing her knowledges and expertises through conferences, blogging, publications, she has become a serious reference when it comes to analytics and SEO.

Dan Taylor 

Dan Taylor technical seo

Dan is a must when it comes to technical SEO. Working for the SALT Agency, Dan is also blogging for different SEO blogs and like to talk about site migration, voice search and other technical subjects.

What are your favorite technical SEO experts? Please tell us in the comment section! 

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