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May 19, 2021 - 5  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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May 19th, 2021 – Multi-award winning enterprise SEO platform Oncrawl bridges the gap between technical SEO and data science with the release of a brand new suite of product and a complete rebranding.

Oncrawl’s vision remains unchanged for 2021

While they conducted product and strategies changes this year, there is one thing that remains the same: their vision and values. An integral element in Oncrawl’s DNA has always been to democratize technical SEO by giving the greatest number of users access to an easy way to manipulate data, in order to help search marketers develop their technical skills.

Their desire to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation has led Oncrawl to be the first to release a number of features that are used by many SEO professionals today, ranging from their near-duplicate content detector, to their JS crawler or even their Inrank metric.

But 2021 marks a new chapter in Oncrawl’s story. They’re now on a mission to evangelize data science and machine learning as applied to SEO. They are adding a strong data science and machine learning layer on top of their SEO applications to extend their clients’ usages, provide unified data marketing services, and bring SEO concerns into the heart of business intelligence. Oncrawl is now the only data marketing platform on the market to merge technical SEO and data science for smarter SEO decisions.
For more clarity and flexibility, the platform now offers two distinct suites of products: Oncrawl Insights and Oncrawl Genius.

Oncrawl Insights: Unleash your SEO potential with prescriptive analysis

Oncrawl Insights is dedicated to helping SEO professionals to master technical SEO with accurate data. Users gain a clear understanding of strategic optimizations for their site, an in-depth and live view of the technical issues that harm their performance, and access meaningful dashboards with blended data from different, key sources. By optimizing their technical and on-site SEO performance, they’ll see a direct impact on SEO traffic and conversions and thus online revenues.

This offer is composed of several products which every Oncrawl user is now familiar with:

  • Oncrawl SEO Crawler: for website SEO audits and performance monitoring.
  • Oncrawl SEO Log Analyzer: for live monitoring of search engine bots, including googlebot, and for detecting site issues.
  • Oncrawl Data³: for native connectors to analytics, ranking and backlink tools to provide the perfect in-depth analysis by blending information from these tools with crawl data.

Tanguy Moal, Co-Founder and Product Evangelist at Oncrawl says that:

“Since the early days, Oncrawl has invested in R&D and worked on data projects. At the same time, we have seen a growing interest in the SEO sphere in data science and machine learning projects for predictive and automative SEO. Over the last few months, we have acted on product features and recruitments taking that direction.”

Oncrawl Genius: A suite of never-seen-before SEO solutions to empower your technical SEO with data science and automation

Oncrawl Genius aims to help search marketers and data teams make smarter SEO decisions by leveraging the power of SEO prediction, automation and generation. Oncrawl’s decision to launch a data-oriented suite of products stems from their realization that the problem facing an SEO is not so much getting data but understanding and processing it. In fact, SEO professionals today juggle many different sources of data, via different tools, collected in different ways. SEO success is a question of knowing how to analyze and cross-reference these data to gain innovative insights that provide a competitive advantage to an SEO strategy. Helping search marketers access and implement data analysis allows them to take their SEO to the next level.

The R&D team behind Oncrawl has developed ready-made machine learning projects and adaptable models applied to SEO to predict SEO performance, generate text or automate complex tasks.

Oncrawl Genius is the only technical SEO suite to offer bridges to data science and business intelligence, making it possible to discover, connect and explore website data and to drive strategic decision-making based on subsequent new insights. The product suite is composed of:

  • Oncrawl Labs: pre-coded machine learning projects and adaptable models to test innovative ideas for your SEO like real-time indexing or text generation.
  • Oncrawl BI: connectors with leading BI solutions to integrate SEO data in business intelligence analyses.
  • Oncrawl Developer: an extensive API and data formats that make it easy to explore, aggregate and export data in big data volumes for use in custom solutions to business and marketing problems.

A new graphic identity for a new data SEO era

To support its new positioning and offer, Oncrawl has conducted a rebranding – including a new logo, graphic identity and website. They have built Oncrawl’s identity around the space universe for many years now, representing their will to explore and connect foreign worlds like technical SEO, log analysis and data SEO. But it was time for the company to embrace a new era.

oncrawl old vs new logo

In a colorful, fun and innovative universe, the platform positions its new products as features at the crossroads of technical SEO, machine learning and data science. The graphical elements and colors are reminiscent of candies or match-three puzzle online video games. But they also evoque pie charts, data and charts in Oncrawl’s reports.

This is a necessary change according to Emma Labrador, Head of Marketing & Communications at Oncrawl, which comes with a new website that provides more clarity and concrete examples of SEO benefits for key industries to help future clients project themselves in their use of the platform:

“Oncrawl’s ambitions have always been to evangelize hard concepts and educate the community to help them be better professionals. For example, our blog has become a reference, where we’ve built a solid community of SEO practitioners that share their advice every month with 40K+ readers. With Oncrawl Genius and our colorful rebranding, our wish was to prove that data science and machine learning don’t have to be daunting and can be accessible and fun to any technical SEO curious to know what it can bring to their strategy and business.”

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