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June 3, 2021 - 4  min reading time - by Magalie Rousseaux
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Oncrawl is pleased to announce a partnership with Data Marketing Labs to better understand Data Science and Machine Learning. Oncrawl users would be able to learn with Vincent Terrasi how to use it in an SEO context.
Find out now his digital training courses in English and in French!

Why continue learning through professional training courses?

In the SEO industry, learning is never finished. The constant evolution of practices and algorithms requires SEOs to be aware of the latest developments and tools available.

Training is important to gain new skills or perfect skills you already have, particularly where the most technical subjects are concerned, especially Data Science. Faced with an ever-growing amount of data, the real challenge is to know how to manipulate them (to analyze them, to blend them if necessary) and to give them meaning.

Over the past few years, Big Data technologies have become increasingly accessible, and it is now possible to apply machine learning models to SEO. The use of data opens a world of possibilities for the future of SEO.

The instructor

With 10 years of experience, Vincent Terrasi has acquired strong expertise in Data Science and Machine Learning applied to SEO. He has worked for major companies such as OVH and M6 before joining Oncrawl as Product Director.

In addition, Vincent has acquired significant experience as a teacher, offering digital training on his favorite subjects, Data Science & SEO.

Recognized for his knowledge, he was elected Search Personality of the Year at SMX Paris in 2017 and placed in the finals at the Tech SEO Boost competition in Boston in 2018, then second in 2019.

The advantages of data science courses for SEO

Full Guide to GPT-3

Here, Vincent presents GPT-3, the latest NLP, or natural language processing, model launched by the OpenAI team in 2020. With this language model, you will discover the future of content creation.

In his courses, Vincent details the advantages of this model and the different tasks it is capable of performing. With examples and guided exercises for participants to complete, he explains the different combinations of parameters possible to optimize the texts produced for specific SEO use cases:

  • Generating introduction texts
  • Summarizing texts,
  • Adding CTAs,
  • Optimizing meta tags,
  • Optimizing texts,
  • And much more.

Thanks to this complete guide, you will understand the advantages of GPT-3, as well as how to automate and industrialize its use. The second part of the course begins with a module that focuses on automated methods for performing quality assurance checks, so that your generated texts are as close as possible to what a human writer would write.

In addition, you will learn how to make text generation available to your teams or clients who will not have your skills that come from your knowledge of the model, nor your access to the OpenAI interface.

Finally, if GPT-3 is not the most suitable for your needs, Vincent presents you with alternative models available today and helps you evaluate the choice according to your requirements and your budget.

10 must-have Data Science SEO tools

This course, which is regularly kept up to date, presents the main tools of Data SEO:

  • Google Colab: which allows you to work collaboratively with free resources.
  • Oncrawl Genius: an innovative Data Science & SEO tool with no limit to the number of parameters.
  • Network Data Integration: a tool to visualize millions of links and understand your internal linking concerns.
  • Data Studio, PowerBI, Tableau: the reference tools for data visualization.
  • Hugging Face: the most famous NLP library.
  • BERT: the open-source transformer from Google which is excellent for classification.
  • WMD: a semantic distance to measure the semantic proximity between two documents.
  • BART: the leading model for text summarization.
  • Process Mining: the best method to understand the interactions between your pages and organic visitors.
  • Dataiku: one of the best platforms to use data science with your SEO data.

Recently, the SEO community has become aware of the importance of data science applied to SEO and now considers it accessible and obvious. A few years ago, this idea seemed ridiculous or even dangerous. With this in mind, learning data science today means that you’re still on the leading edge of the curve in the confirmed trend to adopt AI and Analytics in the field of SEO.

A partnership for success

Vincent Terrasi’s various training courses are offered in partnership with Oncrawl to enable Oncrawl users to better understand and grasp the world of Data Science applied to SEO data.

With Oncrawl Genius, Oncrawl facilitates the use of data science to build, connect and explore your Oncrawl data. Data Science and Machine Learning projects are becoming more and more common, and both theoretical and practical knowledge is needed to address business issues.

To take advantage of this partnership, Oncrawl is pleased to offer a promo code of -15% on any training course from Data Marketing Labs: DATAMARKETINGLABS4OC

With the right skills, products like Oncrawl Genius will allow you to forecast SEO traffic, industrialize or automate your SEO processes, detect trends, improve dashboards and reporting, and demonstrate the strategic role of SEO in the success of a digital marketing strategy.

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