Dataiku releases an Oncrawl plugin and connects data science to technical SEO

August 3, 2020 - 2  min reading time - by Rebecca Berbel
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Oncrawl is pleased to announce the release of the Oncrawl plugin for Dataiku. This plugin, fruit of collaboration between Oncrawl and Dataiku teams, allows full integration of Oncrawl crawl, link, and log monitoring data in data science and machine learning projects within Dataiku.

Why integrate technical SEO with a data science platform?

At Oncrawl, we are convinced that data science, like technical SEO, is essential to strategic decision-making in forward-looking companies today. Due to the complexity of today’s markets, the growing opacity of search engine ranking algorithms, and the sheer volume of data available affecting SEO, the ability to easily manipulate and analyze data now makes the difference between SEO as a marketing tool, and SEO as executive-level product strategy.

Today, Oncrawl is the only SEO platform to offer full integration in a major data science platform.

Dataiku: For Everyone in the Data-Powered Organization

Dataiku is one of the world’s leading AI and machine learning platform, supporting agility in organizations’ data efforts via collaborative, elastic, and responsible AI, all at enterprise scale. Working with large companies, Dataiku democratizes access to data and enables enterprises to build their own path to AI in a human-centric way.

Thanks to its structure and mode of execution, Dataiku makes data manipulation simpler and more robust when compared to traditional API usage. It allows for fast data integration, and is not limited by calculation speed in API-based solutions that then use Python or R to manipulate the data.

The Oncrawl SEO plugin for Dataiku

Through the new Oncrawl plugin, Dataiku gives you full access to all of your SEO data:

  • All datasets: crawl data, links data, and log events data
  • All projects, including multi-project data processing

The Oncrawl Dataïku plugin gives you access to your Oncrawl data in Dataiku, where it is ready for use in data science and machine learning projects. Because the plugin is a native Dataiku plugin, it is fully compatible for use with all other data sources in Dataiku. Here are some examples of usage:

  • Identification of new or unindexed content for real-time indexing requests
  • SEO text generation
  • Anomaly reporting based on trends in your crawl results
  • Prediction of future long tail trends

Advantages of an SEO plugin for data science

A data science platform like Dataiku brings many advantages to technical SEO.

From a technical standpoint, platform-based data science allows SEOs to benefit from:

  • Superior data performances
  • Improved data security, through an assurance of no data loss
  • Advanced alerting capabilities

Thanks to the structure of the plugin and the integration with a major data science platform, it also offers advantages over traditional API methods:

  • Straightforward, simple setup
  • Fewer programming requirements
  • Automated data retrieval from Oncrawl

Additionally, data science platforms open the door to technical SEO projects based on machine learning, which are becoming increasingly necessary to keep abreast of a rapidly developing field.

Requirements for using the Oncrawl plugin for Dataïku

The Oncrawl plugin for Dataïku is available to all Dataïku users.

To connect to your Oncrawl account, the plugin requires API access to Oncrawl: you will need an Oncrawl account with an API subscription option.

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