SEO in Orbit: How to grow money pages from orphan pages

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How to grow money pages from orphan pages

Aired on: June 4th, 2019

What if your orphan pages are the secret to earning more traffic and conversions? How do you take a page from an SEO orphanage all the way to the top? Join OnCrawl’s François Goube and Eric Enge as they explore the process of transforming orphan pages.


Eric Enge
Eric was named 2018 Search Personality of the Year at the Drum Search Awards, 2016 Search Personality of the Year at the US Search Awards, and 2016 Search Marketer of the Year at the Landys. Eric has been speaking about digital marketing for more than a decade. He keynotes many conferences every year, is lead co-author of The Art of SEO, and also writes columns in sites such as Search Engine Land, and Moz.

Eric is GM of Digital Marketing at Perficient (NASDAQ: PRFT), where his business unit offers content marketing, SEO, and social media services. His team’s clients include many of the world’s brands. Prior to Perficient, Eric was the Founder and CEO of Stone Temple Consulting (STC), a digital marketing agency based in Massachusetts, which was bought by Perficient in July of 2018


Hosted by: François Goube
François Goube, serial entrepreneur, is the Co-Founder and CEO of OnCrawl. He has founded several companies and is actively involved in the startup ecosystem. Passionate about semantic analysis and search engines, he loves to analyze scientific Google publications and is a regular speaker at SEO conferences.

Webinar Summary

Presenting François Goube and Eric Enge – [00:50]
What are orphan pages – [05:23]
Discovering orphan pages – [06:20]
Extreme cases – [08:15]
Handling orphan pages – [09:20]
– Overview: value vs no value pages – [09:38]
– How Google discovers orphan pages – [11:06]
– Ranked orphan pages as a sign of good content – [12:30]
– Orphan pages with organic traffic – [13:10]
– Orphan pages with only bot traffic – [13:27]
– Crawl budget waste – [14:12]
– Orphan pages with backlinks – [14:58]

Page importance and the internal link graph – [16:30]
Expected improvements – [17:35]
Relevance to rest of site – [18:03]
Disallow and noindex strategies – [19:01]

Impact on a site as a whole – [22:24]
– Recent Google core algorithm updates – [22:50]
– Long-tail search questions and details – [24:00]
– Google ranks an overall site experience – [24:40]

General topics in technical SEO – [25:25]
– What results to expect from technical implementations – [26:35]
– Googlebot-image and visual search – [27:57]

Q&A – [30:50]
– Orphans with backlinks but poor content – [31:10]
– Recent Northface incident – [32:22]
– Awareness of crawl budget in the SEO community – [34:18]
– Use of entity IDs – [38:28]

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