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Our mission

Discussing the future of SEO with some of the finest SEO specialists and send their best recommandations into space. Fun, right?

From our cockpit, we conducted a series of webinars to reveal the new state of the art of Technical SEO, collected the best tips and sent them into near-space at 30,000m with a helium balloon on June 27th.

The hosting crew

The Oncrawl crew and some of our SEO friends are ready to accompany you on this tour of the technical SEO galaxy.

François Goube
CEO & Founder at Oncrawl

Dixon Jones
Global Brand Ambassador at Majestic

Rebecca Berbel
Content Manager at Oncrawl

Bill Hartzer
SEO Consultant

Alice Roussel
Technical SEO at Oncrawl

Omi Sido
Technical SEO at Canon Europe

Murat Yatağan
VP Growth at Brainly

Our team of stellar SEOs

We’ve selected an exciting team of excellent technical SEOs to ensure that these webinars will really be out of this world!

Detlef Johnson
Editor at Large for Third Door Media

Mike King
Founder and Managing Director at iPullRank

Chris Giarratana
Digital Marketing Consultant at StrategyBeam

Bill Slawski
Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital

Kevin Indig
VP SEO & Content at G2 Crowd

Julie Joyce
Owner of Link Fish Media

Alexis Sanders
Senior SEO Manager at Merkle

Ian Lurie
Founder & CEO of Portent

JP Sherman
Enterprise Search & Findability Manager at Red Hat

Eric Enge
General Manager at Perficient Digital

Cindy Krum
Founder and CEO at MobileMoxie, LLC



Detlef Johnson

17 April 2019

How is technical SEO becoming the new standard?

We will talk with Detlef Johnson about how technical SEO has become an essential element when ranking a page in 2019. How does technical SEO give you an advantage in an evolving search landscape, and what does it promise for the future?

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Chris Giarratana

24 April 2019

Driving better rankings through UX

Oncrawl Ambassador Bill Hartzer sits down with Chris Giarratana to discuss the influence of UX on technical SEO and vice versa. Join them to explore how UX optimizations can improve your page rank.

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Mike King

2 May 2019

JS in 2019: modern SEO for modern users

JavaScript, its use on websites, and its support by search engines have undergone major improvements since we first realized that JS could be problematic for Google. We explore with Mike King the new possibilities to reconcile interactive, professional websites and search engine crawl technologies in 2019.

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Ian Lurie

07 May 2019

A results-focused approach to log file analysis

What are some of the applications of log file analysis that can be applied directly to your SEO strategy for measurable results? Our guest and Oncrawl’s Alice Roussel develop use cases of log file analysis applied to SEO.

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JP Sherman

15 May 2019

Creating entity-based content that converts

Oncrawl Ambassador Murat Yatağan and a guest dive deep into the question of how to create content that machines understand in order to increase rankings, CTR and conversions. Join us for insights on how to build content for SEO in 2019.

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Julie Joyce

23 May 2019

(Internal) links make the world go round

Dixon Jones and Julie Joyce pull apart a central topic in SEO: internal site links. Learn how to choose a site architecture that suits your website, how to develop or perfect an internal linking strategy, and how to use links to promote your key pages to Google.

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Cindy Krum

29 May 2019

Smart SEO for smartphone browsers

Cindy Krum takes us through the differences between mobile and desktop SEO. Where do the differences come from, and what should you as an SEO do about them? We cover topics from Mobile-First Indexing to AMP, and everything in between.

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Eric Enge

04 June 2019

How to grow money pages from orphan pages

What if your orphan pages are the secret to earning more traffic and conversions? How do you take a page from an SEO orphanage all the way to the top? Join Oncrawl’s François Goube and Eric Enge as they explore the process of transforming orphan pages.

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Kevin Indig

12 June 2019

Unlocking the secrets of indexing

Kevin Indig shares his thoughts on getting pages indexed, how the pages indexed for a site influence site-wide rankings, and what pages shouldn’t be indexed. What is the right approach towards this intermediary step between getting pages discovered and getting them to appear on SERPs?

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Bill Slawski

19 June 2019

Rankbrain, AI, machine learning and the future of search

Bill Slawski leverages his knowledge of Google patents and the workings of search to break down probable search algorithms used today and postulate what it might look like under the hood of a future version of Google. Join us while we explore the future of technical SEO.

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Alexis Sanders

24 June 2019

New perspectives on duplicate content

How do ranking factors and evolving search technologies impact the way we handle duplicate content? What does the future hold for similar content on the web? Join Oncrawl Ambassador Omi Sido and Alexis Sanders as they explore the question of duplicate content.

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