SEO in Orbit: (Internal) links make the world go round

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(Internal) links make the world go round

Aired on: May 23rd, 2019

Dixon Jones and Julie Joyce pull apart a central topic in SEO: internal site links. Learn how to choose a site architecture that suits your website, how to develop or perfect an internal linking strategy, and how to use links to promote your key pages to Google.


Julie Joyce
Julie Joyce owns the link building company Link Fish Media and specializes in building links for highly competitive industries. She has written for Search Engine Land for ten years and now writes for Search Engine Journal. In addition, she conducts the longest-running SEMRush webinar series “Show Me The Links.”


Hosted by: Dixon Jones
Dixon Jones is Global Brand Ambassador at Majestic and an Internet Marketing strategist.
He has built several successful start-ups, from Murder Mystery games to a world leading search engine specializing in web cartography and backlink analysis.
Dixon has talked about Internet Marketing (and Majestic) all over the world. Apart from the amazing technology, his approach to innovation in enterprise keeps getting him invited onto the podium to be a speaker at Internet Marketing conferences.

Webinar Summary

Presenting Dixon Jones and Julie Joyce – [01:12]
Difference between internal and external links – [03:11]
What is PageRank? – [04:13]
Importance of links in SEO – [05:50]
Authoritative links – [06:50]
Good linking strategies – [07:57]
Managing links to expired or redundant content – [09:30]
Orphans – [10:45]
Safe strategies – [11:57]
Internal links and nofollow – [13:45]
Spotting a need for improved internal linking – [15:03]
– Critical pages not ranking – [15:18]
– Weak performance despite backlinks – [15:26]
– OnCrawl’s Inrank – [15:36]
– Internal site search – [16:20]

Measuring effectiveness of a linking strategy – [16:50]
Internal PageRank sculpting – [17:33]
Internal linking and freshness – [19:26]
Internal linking and seasonality – [20:26]
Robots.txt and allowing crawls by bots – [22:03]
Q&A – [26:48]
– Using keywords to add internal links to new articles [27:00]
– Linking and JavaScript – [30:17]
– Internal links for news sites without topic pages – [32:28]
– What to avoid when asking for backlinks – [33:27]

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