SEO in Orbit: Driving better rankings through UX

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Driving better rankings through UX

Aired on: April 24th, 2019

OnCrawl Ambassador Bill Hartzer sits down with Chris Giarratana to discuss the influence of UX on technical SEO and vice versa. Join them to explore how UX optimizations can improve your page rank.


Chris Giarratana
Chris Giarratana is a digital marketing consultant who works with small businesses and nonprofits to achieve their goals. He helps drive conversions and boost sales through SEO marketing, freelance copywriting, and PPC management. Learn more about Chris at


Hosted by: Bill hartzer
Bill Hartzer is an independent SEO Consultant and OnCrawl Ambassador. He relies on his 20 years of direct SEO experience to provide technical SEO audits of websites, as well as technical link audits and link cleanups of websites. Bill Hartzer is known worldwide for his research on the topic of search engine optimization and the New gTLD domain names, as well as Dot Brand domain names. He is a frequent speaker and expert discussion panel participant at various search engine marketing and internet marketing conferences and events such as the SMX and the PubCon conferences.

Webinar Summary

Presenting Bill Hartzer and Chris Giarratana – [00:30]
Testing and UX – [02:45]
Effect of technical SEO on UX – [04:15]
   – On-page SEO and effect on CTR – [4:45]
Ranking factors and UX – [05:25]
   – Focusing on end-user conversions – [06:32]
   – User-related SEO metrics – [07:23]
   – Google and user behavior knowledge – [08:00]
   – Google’s dominance of the search field – [11:25]
Measurable metrics – [13:21]
   – Link placement and click rates – [13:52]
   – Site navigation – [15:21]
   – Organizing content on a page – [15:49]
   – UX and visitor maturity – [16:48]

User behavior and UX – [17:13]
Search intent, marketing funnel and content – [19:18]
Improving SEO through UX optimizations – [22:06]
   – Content for exact-match long-tail keywords – [22:30]
   – Local relationship-building through out-bound links – [23:14]
Experience on recent UX site update – [24:24]
   – Page load speed – [26:01]
   – User paths and internal link structure – [26:25]
   – Quantifying changes – [27:35]
   – Results – [29:26]
   – Local SEO – [30:24]
   – Keyword strategies – [33:19]
   – Choosing the right goals – [37:48]

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