Optimize for mobile-first indexing

OnCrawl helps you prepare for today’s major SEO challenges. As Google switches websites to its mobile index, we help you improve your mobile version with the right data.

What is mobile-first indexing?

Mobile-first indexing means Google will use the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking rather than the desktop version. Google will use the desktop version only if the mobile version is not available.

Improve technical SEO for both desktop and mobile

OnCrawl lets you know that Google is currently rolling out its new index and will look at the mobile version of a website for its ranking signals or retrieve the desktop version.

  • Optimize images, status codes, caching and reduce redirects to get your mobile version to load in less than 2 seconds
  • Find and fix cases where desktop pages perform well but have errors in their mobile version
  • Keep an eye on total page size on mobile pages

Perfect how users interact with your mobile version

The differences in performance and screen size on mobile devices mean that user behavior on mobile pages is often different from that on desktop pages, even when the content is identical. OnCrawl helps you track user behavior, spot differences, and maintain an optimized mobile version of your website.

  • Analyze how users are using your website on mobile devices by focusing on impressions, clicks and CTRs on mobile devices for strategic branded or non-branded keywords
  • Be sure AMP pages have equivalent content on desktop and measure their similarity to avoid cannibalisation in SERPs
  • Discover thresholds and pain points specific to your mobile version

Monitor log files to exactly know when you switch

Google’s notification that you’ve switched to mobile-first indexing can appear before, or even weeks after, the change. By monitoring bot behavior, OnCrawl lets you know exactly what’s going on with your pages, so that you can take appropriate action.

  • Monitor the crawl frequency of the mobile googlebot to pinpoint the actual date you move to mobile-first indexing
  • Use mobile bot behavior to spot opportunities for optimization before mobile-first indexing is active for your site

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