SEO in Orbit: Creating entity-based content that converts

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Creating entity-based content that converts

Aired on: May 15th, 2019

OnCrawl Ambassador Murat Yatağan and JP Sherman dive deep into the question of how to create content that machines understand in order to increase rankings, CTR and conversions. Join us for insights on how to build content for SEO in 2019.


JP Sherman
JP Sherman is a 10+ year veteran of Search, Findability and Competitive Intelligence. He works as the Search & Findability expert for the Red Hat Customer Portal, where his responsibility is to bridge the intention gap between tens of thousands of technical and support documents and the customers looking for them in Google and Red Hat’s internal search platform. He has found a natural talent to connect data, behavior, search and findability to bring actionable changes and value to Paramount Studios, Skechers, Performance Bike, Dewalt and many more.
You can find him on Twitter @jpsherman where I enjoy talking shop, non sequitors and other geeky endeavors.


Hosted by: Murat Yatağan
Murat Yatağan is an SEO Consultant with more than 9 years of expertise on SEO and UX, of which 5 years derives from his Senior Product Analyst role at Google Search Quality Team (aka. Trust & Safety) in Ireland. During his consultancy career he built expertise on technical SEO, high quality content creation strategy, outreach and international SEO throughout managing 65+ clients globally from various business verticals.

Webinar Summary

Presenting Murat Yatağan and JP Sherman – [01:32]
What are entities? – [06:18]
What is structured data? – [07:20]
What is ? – [08:50]
Biological constraints on how people search – [09:59]
– Accessibility – [10:11]
– Pattern-seeking behavior – [11:30]
Recent evolutions in search engines – [14:07]
– Understanding individuals and their patterns – [15:14]
– Accounting for context – [16:11]
SERP ranking and CTR optimization – [17:38]
Difference between ranking with neural matching vs keywords – [21:55]
– Triggering neural networks for search intent – [22:25]
– Google’s use of entities to decipher queries – [23:50]

Knowledge graphs – [25:03]
– Horizontal relationships of entities sharing characteristics – [25:50]
– Filling template gaps – [26:30]
Structured markup and machine learning – [27:15]
Structured markup to signal content to search engines – [28:50]
Featured snippets – [29:29]
– Present information in simple, clear ways – [30:40]
– Support with structure and markup – [31:26]
– Speed of understanding – [32:15]
– Use in voice search and new Google features – [33:15]
Collaborating with smart people – [34:18]
How Google handles SERP-based intent – [37:16]
– Consuming historical data – [37:40]
– Data mining of user behavior on a platform level – [38:00]
– Keyword refinements – [38:40]
– Related searches – [40:01]

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