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OnCrawl tracks your Open Graph and Twitter Cards to increase the visibility of your pages on social networks.

Why use Open Graph and Twitter Cards

Open Graph and Twitter Cards are two different protocols that allow you to create rich blocks when you share your webpage on a social media platform. These protocols allow you to add additional information to the link, such as an image, a page title, a description, author information, and more.

If you promote your content on social networks or if you maintain a social network presence, og and twitter cards are a must-have. This additional content and formatting draws more attention in a social media feed and leads to more shares, likes, and clicks on your content.

Characteristics of Open Graph

Open Graphs are supported by Facebook, Google and mixi. Use OnCrawl’s OG metrics to evaluate your social network promotion strategy:

  • Understand the impact of OG data on your pages by tracking active pages and pages with Open Graph markup
  • View the breakdown of pages with Open Graphs by page group and by type of Open Graph metadata

Characteristics of Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards are supported by Twitter. They are based on the same protocol as Open Graph, and will actually use many of the same properties if no specific declaration is found for Twitter. OnCrawl helps your optimize your use of Twitter Cards to increase the visibility of your pages.

  • Understand the impact of Twitter Cards on your pages by tracking active pages and pages with Twitter Card markup
  • Quickly spot errors and missing properties for Twitter Cards

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