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April 8, 2019 - 6  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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A couple of months ago, we had a crazy idea. While we were working on our rebranding, we thought “What if we sent the best SEO tips into space?” This not-so-crazy idea has led us to create the first ever webinar series sending SEO into space. Ready to board?

Welcome to SEO in Orbit!


An astronomical project

SEO in Orbit is a webinar series which will discuss the future of SEO with some of the finest SEO specialists, and will send their best recommendations into space.

Join the Oncrawl crew for 10 webinars from April 17th to June 24th. During this period, 17 SEO experts will lead your voyage through the new state of the art of technical SEO focusing on 10 universal SEO topics. Be sure to register to save your seat and receive the replay.

After the last webinar of the series, we will collect the best tips and send them into near-space at 35,000m above the Earth in a helium balloon on June 27th. Fun, right? You’ll have the chance to see the ascension through our YouTube live streaming!


Get on board with stellar SEOs to discuss the future of technical SEO


The hosting crew

The Oncrawl crew and some of our friends are ready to accompany you on this tour of the technical SEO galaxy.

  • François Goube – CEO & Founder at Oncrawl
  • Alice Roussel – Technical SEO at Oncrawl
  • Rebecca Berbel – Content Manager at Oncrawl
  • Omi Sido – Technical SEO at Canon Europe
  • Bill Hartzer – SEO Consultant
  • Murat Yatagan – VP Growth at Brainly
  • Dixon Jones – Global Brand Ambassador at Majestic


Our team of stellar SEOs

We’ve selected an exciting team of excellent technical SEOs to ensure that these webinars will really be out of this world!

  • Detlef Johnson – Editor at Large for Third Door Media

johnson-detlefDetlef Johnson is Editor at Large for Third Door Media. He writes a column for Search Engine Land entitled “SEO for Developers.” Detlef is one of the original group of pioneering webmasters who established the professional SEO field more than 20 years ago. Since then he has worked for major search engine technology providers, managed programming and marketing teams for Chicago Tribune, and consulted for numerous entities including Fortune 500 companies. Detlef has a strong understanding of Technical SEO and a passion for Web programming. As a noted technology moderator at SMX conference series, Detlef continue to promote SEO excellence combined with marketing-programmer features and webmaster tips.


  • Kevin Indig – VP SEO & Content at G2 Crowd


Kevin Indig has helped startups acquire +100M users over the last 10 years. He is VP SEO & CONTENT @ G2, a mentor for Growth @ GermanAccelerator, and ran SEO @ Atlassian and Dailymotion previously. His specialty is user acquisition, brand building, and user retention. Companies Kevin worked with include eBay, Eventbrite, Bosch, Samsung, Pinterest, Columbia, UBS, and many others. You can also find him at www.kevin-indig.com.


  • Chris Giarratana – Digital Marketing Consultant at StrategyBeam

giarratana-chrisChris Giarratana is a digital marketing consultant who works with small businesses and nonprofits to achieve their goals. He helps drive conversions and boost sales through SEO marketing, freelance copywriting, and PPC management. Learn more about Chris at www.strategybeam.com


  • Mike King – Founder of iPullRank

king-mikeAn artist and a technologist, all rolled into one, Michael King recently founded boutique digital marketing agency, iPullRank. Mike consults with companies all over the world, including brands ranging from SAP, American Express, HSBC, SanDisk, General Mills, and FTD, to a laundry list of promising startups and small businesses.
Mike has held previous roles as Marketing Director, Developer, and tactical SEO at multinational agencies such as Publicis Modem and Razorfish. Effortlessly leaning on his background as an independent hip hop musician, Mike King is a dynamic speaker who is called upon to contribute to conferences and blogs all over the world. Mike recently purchased UndergroundHipHop.com a 20 year old indie rap mainstay and is working on combining his love of music, marketing and technology to revitalize the brand.


  • Julie Joyce – Owner of Link Fish Media


Julie Joyce owns the link development firm Link Fish Media and is one of the founding members of the SEO Chicks blog. Julie began working in search marketing in 2002 and soon became head of search for a small IT firm. Eventually, she started Link Fish Media, where she now serves as Director Of Operations, focusing on working with clients in ultra-competitive niches all over the world.


  • Bill Slawski – Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital

slawski-billBill Slawski has been promoting websites since 1996 after building his first site. He found search engines not long after, and started doing SEO and learning as much about it as he could about search. He has been blogging about search related patents and white papers since 2006. Bill lives in Carlsbad, California and is the Director of SEO Research for Go Fish Digital.


  • Alexis Sanders – Senior SEO Manager at Merkle

Alexis Sanders works as a Senior Technical SEO Account Manager at Merkle. The technical SEO team ensures the accuracy, feasibility and scalability of the agency’s technical recommendations across all verticals. She is a contributor to the Moz blog, Search Engine Land, Oncrawl, and TechnicalSEO.com, creator of the TechnicalSEO.expert challenge, and during the day lives a normal life as an SEO account manager. Currently she’s been really passionate about developing knowledge of machine learning and data science.


  • Ian Lurie – Founder of Portent

Ian Lurie is the Founder of Portent, a Clearlink Digital Agency. Portent provides paid and organic search and social media, content, and analytics services to B2B and B2C brands including Patagonia, Princess, Linode, and Tumi.

Ian’s professional specialties and favorite topics are marketing strategy, search, history, and all things nerdy. He spends far too much time poring over Amazon search patents, Google rankings and natural language processing theory. His random educational background includes a B.A. in History from UC San Diego and a degree in Law from UCLA.

You can find Ian on Twitter at @portentint

…& more to come! 


Travel itinerary

We’ve built a complete program to make sure that you won’t miss any place on the Technical SEO galaxy.

  • April, 17th – How is technical SEO shifting to the new standard
  • April 24th – Driving better rankings through UX
  • May 2nd – JS in 2019: modern SEO for modern users
  • May 7th – A results-focused approach to log file analysis
  • May 15th – Creating entity-based content that converts
  • May 23nd – (Internal) links make the world go round
  • May 29th – Smart SEO for smartphone browsers
  • June 12th – New perspectives on duplicate content
  • June 19th – Rankbrain, AI, machine learning and the future of search
  • June 24th – Unlocking the secrets of indexing

Join the conversation on Twitter and win your ticket to space

The Oncrawl team will need your help to select the best SEO tips to send into space! Join the project on Twitter by following @Oncrawl and using the hashtag #OncrawlinOrbit. We will select 3 tweets with the best technical SEO advice to send into space as well.

Do you have questions rather than advice? In the week before each webinar, tweet your questions to @Oncrawl with the #OncrawlinOrbit hashtag and we’ll select the best ones for the experts to answer at the end of the webinar.

Of course, you can also use the #OncrawlInOrbit hashtag to continue the discussion with our crew and the SEO experts on Twitter.


Ready to board?

If you want to learn more about technical SEO, participate in an astronomically crazy project and debate with some of the finest SEO experts, then you’re at the right space station.

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Emma was the Head of Communication & Marketing at Oncrawl for over seven years. She contributed articles about SEO and search engine updates.
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