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[Webinar] How to prioritize your SEO plan using reliable data?

November 17, 2016 - 0  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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Looking for actionable insights to monitor your SEO projects? Want to know how to effectively use your crawl and logs data to prioritize your SEO plan? You are at the right place!

Next Thursday, November, 24th we will be hosting a free webinar from 6pm to 7pm CEST to help you get the most of your SEO data and build a reliable strategic plan.
Our CEO, François Goube, 15 years SEO expert and French ambassador for Majestic, will run the session and will share some case studies.

What to expect?

Our webinar will focus on techniques to prioritize your SEO plan using reliable data. The session will thus cover:

  • The SEO project management basics ;
  • Tools, metrics and levers to use ;
  • How to deploy, execute and monitor your SEO plan.

What do you get joining our webinar?

    • Actionnable good practices to help you prioritize your SEO plan relying on crawl and logs data.
    • Case studies to give you actionable tips.
    • A Q&A session to uncover pain points.
    • The Slideshare presentation following the webinar.


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