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May 1, 2015 - 4  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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Driving more traffic to your website can be tough. Your content is meant to be read, shared and to bring ROI! If you think you have set up everything you could but your traffic is still not growing, then there are definitely some points of improvement in your strategy.

This article is going to give you 10 free actionable tips to get traffic to your website or blog more quickly.

1# Focus on the long-tail

As a newbie, it can be difficult to compete against popular keywords, as leaders of your field must have already worked on them. It is really more qualitative to write a lot of articles on a very specific segment than trying to position yourself on very common ones. It will bring you qualitative prospects and will place you as an expert on a specific domain. Moreover, developing long-tail keywords often convert better. You can use KeywordTool to choose the best keywords.

2# Optimize your articles

It can be redundant, but optimizing your articles is something you must not forget! There is three steps to respect: enter your meta title, and your description in the most relevant way. Check out our last article about meta tags for further details.

3# Favor link building

Link building is the key for a good off-page SEO. It consists in asking sources you trust and that related to your topic to embed hyperlinks back to your pages. The more trustable and qualitative is your source, the more page rank you will gain! But do not try to fool Google. Fake link building is highly penalized!

4# Produce highly valuable content

The more qualitative your content is, the more trustable your website will be. And your visitors will come back read your next article! If you are a company, create a blog related to your business to publish valuable content.
Moreover, fresh and qualitative posts are rewarded by Google. If you are publishing frequently articles on your website, your ranking will go better. Good quality articles will also be more likely to be shared on social networks. And this is pretty linked to how compelling your headline is.

5# Include URL in your signatures

It is simple but efficient. Try to include your URL blog posts in every signatures you are using. In your professional emails, in the comments you post on other website articles, on forums, etc. People are always curious about who is talking to them and this represents a good free way to get traffic to your website.

6# Find contributors and be one

Expert opinion is trustworthy. Convince experts to contribute to your articles and you will be surprised how your traffic will increase. Indeed, it will bring to your website a whole extra community who will get familiar with your brand. Experts are also the best persons to write highly specialized content likely to interest your existing visitors.
At the same time, offer your expertise to well-known websites. If you are writing for an authority website, it will not only drive traffic to your site but it will also establish yourself as an expert in your domain.

7# Start a forum

An active place where visitors can ask questions is a great opportunity. It feeds your long-tail keywords with queries you might have not thought about. It is also great to avoid high bounce rate since it increases time-on-site and has the double advantage to grow your community.

8# Use all the benefits of social media

When you are talking about an influencer in your posts, do not forget to mention them with the @ on Twitter. And no need to say that Twitter is the best way to share your content and build a community of experts.
Use every options Facebook is giving you: insert your links back to your site in the About page, in the photo descriptions, in comments when it is relevant and above all share your content!
The first video social network, Youtube, drives the most engaged traffic audience, so if you have video contents, be sure to include your websites links in the video and the description.
Also, become a member of a LinkedIn group and offer tips to your community and drive traffic to your website.

9# Bookmark your content

Social bookmarking is a great tool to gain free traffic. Sites as Digg, Delicious or Reddit can bring a lot of traffic if you are respecting some basic rules. This article from Webconfs gives all the tips you need to optimize your article for bookmarking. 

10# Offer a free service or product

Visitors are always more likely to visit your website if you offer something free. Valuable content is great to drive traffic but giving people the opportunity to try something for free gives you a powerful advantage. When your offer meets success then your prospect will come back or visit your other website pages. For example, we offer a free trial to crawl your website and rock your SEO.

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