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December 8, 2015 - 2  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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Tech blogs are great resources for being up to date with technological trends and news. Because as SEO experts, you also need to follow technical updates and startups projects to stay competitive. Our list of blogs is based on relevancy, domain authority, trust flow and social influence. Because major traditional blogs or medias don’t always covered hot tech topics, this selection of 10 tech blogs is great for taking the temperature of tech evolutions and be where the conversations are.

1# The Wall Street Journal 

Domain authority: 97
Trust Flow: 55
Followers: 277K
Average retweets: 12.8

The tech section of the WSJ is an institution. It provides insights about big names in the Industry but also about encouraging startups or mobile applications.

2# The Observer Innovation

Domain authority: 85
Trust Flow: 34
Followers: 173K
Average retweets : 3.2

The Observer shares extremely qualitative reviews about innovation, startups, new internet trends and media. The website has gained its notoriety over the years by hosting some great writers.

3# Mashable 

Domain authority: 94
Trust Flow: 77
Followers: 6.6M
Average retweets: 73.1

Who does not know Mashable? This blog funded in 2005 by a young entrepreneur is now the leading media in terms of tech news and trends.

4# Tech Crunch 

Domain authority: 94
Trust Flow: 53
Followers: 5.97M
Average retweets: 40

Tech Crunch is regarded as highly qualitative for providing informations about new gadgets and tech news. It is considered as one of the leading technology media.

5# The Next Web 

Domain authority: 88
Trust Flow: 50
Followers: 1.63M
Average retweets: 29.6

This blog is another great resource for technology, culture and business updates. The NextWeb is different from other related blogs for its posts about next generation gadgets. Moreover, this blog has developed a strong community.

6# Wired

Domain authority: 95
Trust Flow: 83
Followers: 5.38 M
Average retweets: 79.2

Wired is another reference when it comes to tech news. It offers posts and guides about gadgets, science, design, business and entertainment.

7# Tech2

Domain authority: 72
Trust Flow: 35
Followers: 35.8K
Average retweets: 0.9

Tech2 provides articles and guides about new gadgets like mobiles, laptops, gaming devices, etc but also covers podcasts, photos and videos related to tech trends.

8# TheVerge

Domain authority: 90
Trust Flow: 69
Followers: 1.1M
Average retweets: 48.1

The Verge delivers great product reviews, tech news, products informations and guides for tech lovers. It has a clear sense of analysis of what it going to impact our future.

9# DigitalTrends

Domain authority: 84
Trust Flow: 63
Followers: 217K
Average retweets: 3.5

That media focuses on technology, computer gaming devices and lifestyle guides. But it also shares infos about more general topics like music, photography, cars or brands news like Apple.


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10# Arstechnica

Domain authority: 89
Trust Flow: 74
Followers: 1M
Average retweets: 25

Ars Technica is a must when it comes to news, reviews and analysis of tech trends. It also shares expert advices on valuable tech aspects. Plus, it offers a nice interface.

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