How to integrate Public Relations and SEO?

July 22, 2015 - 2  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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Public Relations (PR) et SEO have lived their own lifes separately for many years. But fact is, since Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, things have changed. Content quality and referral sites have become something to seriously consider and white hat SEO has taken the edge over spammy techniques. PR and SEO are now going in the same direction because they have similar practices and goals.

As both looking, in some way, for earned media, PR and SEO are working on qualitative, informative and valuable contents. These two entities can now converge together and create successful strategies.
This article is giving you keys on how to integrate PR and SEO.


Influencer outreach is really helpful for any SEO or PR strategy. SEO experts have stated that social signals had a strong impact on your ranking, so contacting influencers to share your content is a valuable option. For both SEO and PR, influencers outreach aims to develop your brand awareness and authority. Done together, this strategy could benefit from both skills. And moreover, well operate, this strategy can secure future media relationships and improve your social signal.

Press release 2.0

Press release is an old custom related to the PR industry. But filled with SEO spirit, it can be even more efficient for your rankings. PR release 2.0 can include multimedia and social channels to encourage sharings. With SEO, a keyword strategy could boost your release ranking and so on your brand’s website. Think creative, a press release with interactive medias will get a wider impact on your audience.


Guest blogging is part and parcel of many SEO or PR strategies. For PR, guest blogging helps serving their expertises as part of their corporate strategy. But it is necessary to work hand to hand with SEO experts to respect all the good practices. Keywords or links, for example, need to be optimized to offer a overall efficacy.
On the other hand, SEO experts could need to use PR’ writing and communication skills to get the most compelling content to drive audience on their website. SEO is not only made for search engines but also for real people.


As we said in introduction, content is a subject taken seriously. It could be interesting for both SEOs and PRs to share editorial guidelines when building their content strategy.
High-quality content is the key to rank well in the search engines results and on-page optimization can help a lot. This is a hand in hand job.

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Media lists

PR and SEO experts have both resources to share that might be helpful for each other.
PR professionals deal with media lists that contain insights and data on editorial angles, etc while SEO experts own blog lists targeted with infos on site’s page rank, visitors, Alexa rank, etc. Mixing these key informations can leverage your overall outreach strategy. SEOs need further training on relationship building and PRs should be more aware of these analytics.

In clear, mixing SEO and PR can just bring you advantages over your competitors and help you rank higher.

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