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April 21, 2016 - 2  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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“Log file analysis should be easy and actionable. Our SEO log analyzer was designed for SEOs and we want the SEO community to take advantage of such technology. We combine it to crawl data to offer better onpage SEO analysis.” François Goube, Co-founder and CEO of Cogniteev

Oncrawl Advanced release Log Analyzer
Bordeaux, April, 14th – Cogniteev announces the release of Oncrawl Advanced. The provider of the on-page SEO tool Oncrawl is completing its SEO SaaS services with the launch of a SEO Log Analyzer, a Crossed Analysis between crawl and logs data and a Chrome Extension.

Monitor how Google behaves on a website

Oncrawl SEO crawler is an on-site SEO tool that provides a full and comprehensive report regarding SEO elements like HMTL quality, performance, architecture and content. The new Oncrawl SEO log analyzer allows to go further by monitoring how Google and other bots are crawling a website and helps the user to:

  • Discover crawl errors from bots ;
  • Monitor the crawl rate of each bot for any group of pages ;
  • Improve architecture and crawlability ;
  • Find orphan pages ;
  • Use the Google crawl quota more efficiently.

Prices depend on how many logs the user need to analyze. There is a  demo available.

Combine logs analysis and crawl data

Oncrawl Advanced logs and crawl data
Oncrawl Advanced solution allows to combine logs and crawl data to get a full analysis of a website SEO performances. With crossed analysis, you can:

  • Detect crawled pages, active and inactive pages, SEO visits and orphan pages ratio by groups of pages ;
  • Understand how depth, inrank, internal linking impact Google crawl by groups of pages ;
  • Check how meta and content quality influence Google crawl by groups of pages.

To know more, you can go to this page.

Ease SEO audits with Oncrawl Chrome extension

Oncrawl has also recently released a Chrome extension to quickly but completely audit the SEO of any website. The tool delivers informations about any web page and focuses on content analysis (SEO tags, duplicate and near duplicate content, structured data, social tags, links, etc). The tool also offers X-Rays to highlight specific SEO tags like nofollow, structured data, inlinks, outlinks, etc.
To add the extension to Chrome, you just need to go on the webstore.
About Cogniteev:
Cogniteev is a provider for Big Data solutions. Based on a technology expertise covering Crawling, Semantics and Big Data, Cogniteev cloud-based solutions are designed to extract data out of the web and to align and to structure it in an intuitive way. Aim of the team around the two co-founders Francois Goube and Tanguy Moal is to make business relevant data easily accessible and actionable both to small and to big companies. Cogniteev counts today 15 employees and has recently closed its series A round of 650k$ with VC group AquitiGestion and an Angel Investor.
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