Oncrawl integrates Adobe Analytics to leverage lessons from user behavior during site audits

November 13, 2018 - 3  min reading time - by Rebecca Berbel
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Oncrawl is excited to present the public beta version of the new Adobe Analytics integration. Oncrawl now gives Adobe Analytics (ex-Omniture) users in-depth information on the behavior of users on their sites. Thanks to the ability to combine the new analytics data with crawl data, analyzing the impact of SEO indicators on web traffic and finding the opportunities for optimization that have the most impact on user behavior on your site is made easy.

What does Oncrawl’s Adobe Analytics integration do?

Similarly to the existing integrations for users of Google Analytics and AT Internet, the Adobe Analytics integration allows you to integrate analytics data into your crawl reports.

Through a secure connection to your Adobe Analytics account, these new analytics data can be used in Oncrawl:

  • To add a new source of data in the existing graphics in the SEO Impact Report
  • To compose custom dashboards and reports
  • To add to reports in the Data Explorer
  • To create page groups and segmentations

What types of analytics data does Oncrawl use?

Analytics data is data concerning the type and volume of user visits, as well as user behavior on a website.

When interfacing with Adobe Analytics, Oncrawl principally draws from information concerning:

  • Number of SEO (organic) visits
  • Pages receiving SEO (organic) visits
  • Bounce rates

Oncrawl uses this data in combination with crawl data to produce analyses of multiple factors influencing page performance. Oncrawl constructs actionable reports based on relationships between this data and data from additional sources, such as crawl data, log analysis, and backlink analysis.

Analytics data are available by page and by search engine in Adobe Analytics. Oncrawl displays the data for the last 45 days.


What versions of Adobe Analytics are compatible?

Oncrawl is compatible with Adobe Analytics, no matter what your setup is.

While we’re still in beta, if you have a highly customized Analytics solution, you may want to check with us. We’re happy to help make sure everything works correctly, no matter what customizations you’re using.

What’s the advantage for Adobe Analytics users?

Stop optimizing because best practices say you should and start optimizing because you know what your site’s strengths and weaknesses are!

The Oncrawl Adobe Analytics integration helps you contextualize both crawl data and analytics data. The analytics data provide performance-based information to crawl results, while the crawl data bring a broader, site-wide view to analytics. Oncrawl’s integration uses both to give you access to insightful cross-analysis and examine correlations between analytics data and crawl data.

Oncrawl provides you with the metrics to examine the relationship between various aspects of organic activity and many technical standards, including:

  • The breakdown of pages by page groups
  • Page depth
  • Internal page popularity
  • Internal links
  • Title, description, and h1 tags
  • Word count
  • Distribution of duplicate content
  • Load time
  • Status code
  • And more…!


This cross-analysis allow your to determine the metrics that have the most impact on your site, and the optimizations that can make the most difference for SEO traffic on your site.

How to get access to Adobe Analytics in Oncrawl

Access to Adobe Analytics data can be enabled for a crawl in the crawl settings. Before launching the crawl, scroll down to the SEO impact report in the Analytics section. Choose “Adobe Analytics” and check the box to enable cross-data analysis with Adobe Analytics.

You will need to provide your Adobe ID and the Report suite. We use O-Auth to validate your account, which means Oncrawl never handles your login information. Your login is only used in order to create the connection to Adobe Analytics and to identify the correct data to be used by Oncrawl for cross-analysis.

While the integration is in beta, you’ll need to contact us to unlock this option. We’re available through the blue chat button at the bottom of any screen in the Oncrawl app.

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