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February 23, 2022 - 3  min reading time - by François Goube
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We are pleased to announce that Oncrawl has joined BrightEdge‘s technology suite as an independent platform. BrightEdge is a global leader in the content marketing and SEO market, offering an SEO platform for enterprise organizations, with over 8,500 brands using their technology.

We are excited to be a part of this initiative, to bring even more power to the world of technical SEO.

Innovation in SEO: Our shared DNA

Oncrawl and BrightEdge share a common history. Created to address the SEO challenges of very large websites, each company quickly stood out for the quality of their innovations. While Oncrawl worked with a focus on technical SEO, delivering a powerful crawler and log analyzer, BrightEdge started with SERPs and keyword position analysis. We were the first to release metrics that are now found in almost every crawler, such as semantic analysis, duplicate content detection, and an Inrank metric; BrightEdge was the first to offer pixel parsing, which provides a more accurate view of top positions on the SERPs, the first to integrate a crawler into its platform, and the first to offer real-time SEO reporting, among other innovative tools.

In recent years, both companies have assumed a data-driven position: BrightEdge has focused on enterprise compatibility and compliance issues, while Oncrawl has invested in R&D around data science, offering a Labs in 2020 and a product suite in 2021.

For us, the idea of a shared future driven by data and SEO excellence seems obvious. This marriage between BrightEdge and Oncrawl supports Oncrawl’s continued growth and expansion.

The more things change…

This new chapter in Oncrawl’s history strengthens the existing platform. There will be no rebranding or disappearance. Even our plans and pricing remain unchanged.

We are proud to confirm that the same team of enthusiasts who designed and developed the application will continue to work on the technical SEO features that were previously planned. This means that there will be no change to the application and to your use of Oncrawl. Our DNA and mission remain the same, we are still here to help you make smarter SEO decisions with data.

Similarly, Oncrawl’s commitment to protecting your data remains unchanged. Our data is still handled the same way and hosted the same way, including in Europe for our European customers.

While many things remain the same and our team remains autonomous, we will be able to leverage BrightEdge’s network, which will allow us to grow faster and on a larger scale.

Their expertise will take us further in compliance, governance, and integration flexibility, allowing us to better address your challenges.

By joining forces with BrightEdge, we will expand our technology and take it to the next level.

The future of SEO

Oncrawl believes that data is the future of SEO. Data SEO, which we’ve been talking about for a few years now, brings together the skills of data collection and analysis and data science to serve SEO. With Data SEO, we have better tools for performance, ROI, dashboards, content creation and even algorithms for analysis.

In the BrightEdge universe, crawl data, logs, and third-party data around the website join data around SERPs and keyword analysis and positions to provide a rich and powerful group of datasets.

As CEO of Oncrawl, I am incredibly proud of our team, and grateful to our loyal customers and partners. We have exciting new opportunities ahead of us. To infinity and beyond!

Going further

You can find more information here, in our press release, as well as on BrightEdge’s website.

Our product roadmap at Oncrawl for 2022 will bring many new features in terms of usability and SEO metrics, as already planned.

See you in a few weeks for the new look which will be a leap forward in terms of interface ergonomics.

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