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June 3, 2016 - 1  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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Our new product update is out! You can now spot SEO trends between different crawls, and thus different periods, within your projects.
This new update is for sure going to ease your SEO audits. You will now be able to quickly spot points of improvements or changes on any metrics you are currently monitoring and compare your crawls.

How do our SEO trends work?

Connect to your reports (you will sometimes need to refresh your page to activate this change).
On your ‘Summary’ tab, you will see your first SEO trends. As you can see in the screenshot below, the data you previously had has been enriched:

On this project, we ran 11 different crawls. That is why there are 11 points in the graphs :

  • An orange point to tell you that the crawl was partial ;
  • A red one to locate your current crawl within the SEO trends graph ;
  • A blue one for completed crawls.

For instance here, it shows the evolution of ‘Pages with tag duplication issues’ over the time and tells you that your tags duplication issues have decreased by 25% since your last crawl.

You can play with the views by clicking on ‘PREV.REPORT’ or ‘NEXT.REPORT’. The number displayed shows the evolution between your current crawl and the previous one.

If you click on it, you access a larger view of the evolution:

For each tab, you will thus access new data about your SEO trends between different crawls.
We truly think this update will help you quickly check if your SEO actions have converted positively.

For instance, this is pretty convenient for duplicate content issues. You can check how your duplicate content ratio has evolved over the time.

If you are working on your internal linking strategy, checking that your efforts have been rewarded can be also motivating. Here for instance, you can spot your average inlinks per page evolution.

We have new updates coming very soon. You will also notice that we have revamped your global SEO tool design for an easier understanding.

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about this new update.

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