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April 13, 2016 - 2  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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We have been working pretty hard on delivering you the best to make onsite SEO analysis. That’s why we are happy to announce that you can now do SEO log analysis and combine crawl and logs data! Improve your SEO with a 360° view of your performance!

Log file analysis should be easy and actionable. Our SEO log analyzer was designed for SEOs and we want the SEO community to take advantage of such technology. With combined analysis, you can bridge logs and crawl data and access a global view of your SEO performances!

François Goube, Co-founder and CEO @Oncrawl

Check how Google behaves on your website with SEO log analysis

log analysis

Log analysis is not something you should neglect. It can really provide you new insights about your SEO performances and check how bots are really crawling your website. This is the perfect partner to exactly know where you should converge all your efforts and boost your rankings.
Oncrawl Advanced thus allows you to go further by monitoring how Google and other bots are crawling a website and helps you to:

  • Discover crawl errors from bots ;
  • Monitor the crawl rate of each bot for any group of pages ;
  • Improve architecture and crawlability ;
  • Find orphan pages ;
  • Use the Google crawl quota more efficiently ;

Log analysis starts at 99€ but prices depend on how many logs you need to analyze. To get a demo and try the solution, you can request a demo.

Bridge your logs and crawl data with crossed analysis

Why should you stop to log analysis when you can combine them with your crawl data? You thus can access a 360° view of your performances and track the right metrics.

logs and crawl data analysis

With crossed analysis, you can:

  • Detect crawled pages, active and inactive pages, SEO visits and orphan pages ratio by groups of pages ;
  • Understand how depth, inrank, internal linking impact Google crawl by groups of pages ;
  • Check how meta and content quality influence Google crawl by groups of pages.

For instance you can see how your word count impact Google’ crawl ratio. Even if this affirmation needs to be correlate with other onsite elements, this graph shows that when you have long-form copies, your pages seem to be crawled more often:

how word count can impact SEO performance

Or that pages with duplicate titles get less crawled compared to pages with unique title tags:

how duplications impact google crawl ratio

Crossed analysis can also help you detect active or inactive orphan pages and if they generate SEO visits:

SEO visits by orphan pages oncrawl

Combined analysis are unlimited which allows you to analyze your crawl and logs data whenever you want.

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