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Optimize internal linking for SEO

As popularity flows along your website’s internal links, the main challenge is to boost the right pages while juggling UX, marketing funnels, and indexing rates.

35+ link-based metrics
6 dedicated dashboards
100% exportable & customizable

Is your website internal linking correctly optimized?

Every new page and every new link changes the structure of your website and leaves room for optimization. With crawl reports on internal links, you get an accurate overview of how your website’s internal links behave:

  • Check if you are wasting link equity
  • Know where your priority pages are located
  • Identify orphan pages
  • Spot infinite pagination and redirect loops

Improving your internal linking structure can be a very big quick win because of how internal linking influences your crawl budget and your rankings. When priority pages aren’t supported by your site’s link structure and equity flow, they’re missing out on strong signals to search engines about their importance.

Rely on Oncrawl to improve your internal linking strategy

Oncrawl’s internal linking data helps you build the ideal site structure thanks to a detailed understanding of page importance, internal linking strategy, PageRank, and more. Benefit from Oncrawl’s years of research to provide the most advanced SEO dashboards to analyze and optimize your website architecture.

What do you need to analyze your internal popularity?

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Technical SEO Crawler

Run a full crawl of your website to get a clear view of your architecture and internal links. Optimize your internal popularity accordingly.

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" We work with Oncrawl on the issues related to the distribution of popularity within our websites. Job boards contain a lot of ephemeral content and it constantly changes the architecture of our websites. We needed a tool that could adapt to rapid and complex changes. Oncrawl helps me save time, and to be certain that we are heading in the right direction. "
Fabien Bougault Head of SEO at RegionsJob (HelloWork)

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