Oncrawl launches tips from 11 technical SEOs into near space

July 3, 2019 - 2  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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We are quite excited to announce the end of our astronomical project called SEO in Orbit. Last week, we launched an iPad loaded with expert SEO tips into near space.

SEO in Orbit Footage

SEO in Orbit: The webinar series celebrating technical SEO

From April 17 to June 24, 2019, we hosted the ‘SEO in Orbit’ webinar series. During the 11 episodes, top industry influencers shared their best SEO recommendations. More than 1,000 viewers tuned in to hear insights around topics like JavaScript for SEO, orphan pages, mobile-first indexing, or log-file analysis.

Featured experts included: Detlef Johnson, Ian Lurie, Michael King, Chris Giarratana, JP Sherman, Julie Joyce, Dixon Jones, Cindy Krum, François Goube, Rebecca Berbel, Alice Roussel, Eric Enge, Alexis Sanders, Bill Slawski, Omi Sido, Murat Yatagan, Bill Hartzer, and Kevin Indig.

“Technical SEO and its related subjects are still underrated. We believe it is important to raise awareness of the major advantages of incorporating technical practices into our day-to-day SEO routine. We hope we have helped SEOs to understand why it is critical to master technical SEO today to win the search race,” commented François Goube, CEO and Co-Founder at Oncrawl.

Elevating SEO to 30,000 meters above the Earth

We have unveiled a series of rebranding measures over the last few months to consolidate a brand identity that resonates with our three core values – innovation, ambition and authenticity. ‘SEO in Orbit’ is one of the highlights.

“We were working on our rebranding—which echoes the universe of outer space—and we came up with this crazy idea: What if we sent the best SEO tips into space? There’s too much talent on Earth to keep it here,” shared Emma Labrador, Head of Marketing & Communication at Oncrawl.

This is how the webinar series came to life. Following each webinar, we collected the most popular tip from each influencer, bringing the count of actionable SEO tips to a total of 11. Then, on June 27, 2019, the Oncrawl team and hosts of “SEO in Orbit” gathered at the launch site near Bordeaux, France, to send an iPad loaded with SEO tips into near space at 30,000 meters above the Earth.

“I was immediately seduced by the concept when the Oncrawl team contacted me. I didn’t think I would ever have the chance to go to space, so knowing that my SEO recommendations have gone there is quite exciting,” said Detlef Johnson, Editor at Large for Third Door Media.

We worked with Sent into Space, a company specializing in near-space projects, to build the payload—a helium-filled balloon—and complete the launch. The three-hour flight was documented using an onboard camera, offering spectators a captivating show before the balloon exploded at the completion of its mission and descended back to Earth. The balloon was equipped with a GPS and was retrieved near the launch site.

Ahead of the mission, Matt Lanning, Head of Creative at Sent into Space, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch, commenting:

“We’ve conducted flights from sites across the world, but we have rarely been to France and the views over Bordeaux were spectacular. Oncrawl has a really clear, creative vision and have been really pleasant to work with. Their SEO advice truly is out of this world—we’ve actually used their feedback to improve our own website! They’re working at the cutting edge of digital technology and this space flight is a perfect way to reflect that.”

You can watch replays of all 11 episodes, or watch the flight on Oncrawl’s Youtube channel.

Full press release can be found on our Press page.

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