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10 reasons why infographics still matter in SEO

May 3, 2016 - 3  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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Infographics seem to be the go-to format when sharing content nowadays .The success of infographics is recognized due to their relevance and effectiveness. However, let’s not forget that they also have a strong relationship with your SEO.

Here are 10 reasons why infographics still matter in SEO.

They are an evergreen content format

In a world when relevance is king, infographics are the perfect format to share your content as they can be shared months after being produced and still be seen as relevant as before, depending on the subject of the infographic obviously. Marketers usually get important results from them due to the fact that they are so easily shareable and linkable.

They can boost your website’s traffic

As infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than an article, they are specifically designed to make websites’ visitors stay longer so that they consume more of your content. Combined with the fact that content marketing with visual elements generates over 94% of views, infographics are definitely beneficial to your website’s traffic. Indeed, it has been seen that publishers who feature infographics grow traffic 12% faster than the rest.

They can be tracked easily

We all know the importance of keywords for your SEO and we have written a lot on the subject.
Because infographics are basically images, it can seem quite tricky to insert keywords but you can simply use HTML format of infographics to do so! You can also integrate embed codes to track their performance.

They lead to higher authority

One of the main reasons to use infographics is that they are a great tool to increase your brand awareness. Moreover, you can gain more authority from producing this type of content and it is essential in the SEO sphere. Indeed, the more you will publish infographics that are full of interesting facts and figures, the more it will give readers a tangible point of reference and give you expertise in your field.

They make you closer to your consumers

Infographics have the ability to make heavy and difficult subjects enjoyable and easy to understand. Companies that belong to a niche or a very specialised industry can thus use this type of content format to communicate with their audience properly and make their products or services look more accessible. It has been stated that 70% of consumers say content marketing helps them feel closer to the company.

They are still catching people’s interest

Even if sometimes experts argued that infographics are getting less attention than before or that they are not as efficient as they used to be, people are still fond of them. For example, Google Trends has been registering the interest of the term ‘infographic” for the past few years and it is still going strong. Don’t neglect the power of infographics !

They are easily exportable to other formats

It is commonly accepted that up to 67% of consumers consider clear and detailed visual elements as more important than other textual and non-image based content. What better way to share your infographics than by exporting them to other kinds of formats? You can transform them into posters, leaflets, brochures or even presentations that you can distribute to your consumers when needed.

They can increase your subscriber base

Another benefit of producing infographics is that they can increase your overall engagement thanks to the amount of likes, shares and comments that they generate. Indeed, it has been stated that up to 37% increase in engagement with targeted audiences can occur when including interesting visual elements in your infographics.

They are an effective method of link building

Infographics are considered nowadays as one of the most effective method of link building and we all know how this aspect of SEO is challenging. As they are meant to make your visitors stay longer on your website, they are also designed to attract backlinks. Effective link building with infographics can be achieved with a great deal of promotion: email them to bloggers with embed codes, share them to influencers on social media or even use services like Stumbleupon or Reddit’s.

They facilitate higher rankings

All in all, thanks to their relevance, their ability to be shared and linked and their aesthetic appeal, infographics contribute to your SEO in a positive way. They can thus, when used together with other web elements, lead to better search engine rankings.

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