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June 3, 2015 - 2  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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Improving your SEO is not always something easy to do. Google is offering several SEO tools to help you out in your daily tasks but not all of them are highly publicized or known. It can be beneficial for you to know all your options in order to be more competitive and efficient.

This list of 6 Google tools you did not know will certainly help you in some ways.

1# Google Correlate

This tool is pretty useful to get extensive datas on your target keywords and on queries which follow the pattern of these keywords. In clear, you can easily see how and which datas correlate to the terms you are searching in terms of location and time.
For example here, we typed “red wine” in the United States and we can see that it has a spike in December and that it is highly related to cheese.

google correlate

2# Google Keep

This tool connects with your Drive and organizes your notes, images, voice messages, etc in one single place. In fact, it synchronizes all your devices and works like a reminder. It can be useful if you manage tons of informations and SEO tasks every day and can increase your productivity.

google keep

#3 Google Public Data Explorer

This tool lets you to explore public databases around the world and through different topics and draws you graphs. It can be useful if you are treating public datas or if you own an international business which relies on public records. It can also be helpful to better understand your audience.

google public data explorer

#4 Full Value of Mobile

This tool is completely dedicated to mobile and allows you to calculate how much money you are gaining and spending through your mobile website by just adding your data or synchronizing your AdWords. It draws you a comparison of data which can be convenient for adjusting your settings.

google full value of mobile

#5 Google Ngram Viewer

That tools related to Google Book charts frequencies of any word or short sentence using yearly count of n-grams found in books printed between 1800 and 2012.
Used for businesses that tool can be helpful in order to search for keyword trends in books over the years. The purpose? Imagine you are a company which wants to relaunch a trend that was popular in the 20’s, then you can use that tool to dig into keyword trends. But remember, this app is only collecting keywords from books, not online, so it might be only useful for certain types of companies.

google ngram viewer

#6 Google Web Designer

As Google does not index websites made in Flash, this tool has been created in order to replace Flash ads with HTML5. It is thus possible to create ads for mobile and desktop by using CSS3 animations. This tool is great because there is no need to be a crack in coding since it offers an easy interface

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