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How to promote your business with Google+ features?

September 3, 2015 - 2  min reading time - by Emma Labrador
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Despite recent Google+ updates, this platform still offers valuable supports for a marketing strategy but can also leverage your SEO performances. But on which service should you invest your time?

Google+ owns a large choice of features that can effectively promote your company and boost your traffic. Let’s focus on 5 of them.

First, manage your Google+ Business listing

Google+ Business has recently made some changes asking companies to verifie their account if they haven’t logged in a year. These listings offer great possibilities in terms of visibility and customer’s reach. Indeed, they help growing your mobile and local search impact, receiving reviews and help customers to visit your verified website, get informations about your company and get in touch with you more easily. Your multimedia elements, like videos and photos, are also better promoted and ranked. The more details you give, the more powerful your account will be. Also, a verified account optimizes your rankings in the organic results and favors mobile search.

Create Collections

Collections are based on the same idea as Pinterest. You can organize the posts you share on your Business page around topics to segment your content. These posts will be accessible from your Home stream so as posts from other authors. Collections can appeal new followers as they can follow your content more easily. These collections can contain your blog posts, pictures of your products or of your company or any other qualitative content but they should not share too much promotional content. Collections can help you gain traffic and visibility.

Range your audience with Circles

Google+ Circles allows to range your contacts in subcategories. This is useful if you want to share some content with specific contacts interested by a certain subject. For instance, you won’t share the same stuff with friends, colleagues, partners, clients or prospects. You can thus segment your updates and send informations to a large amount of people without being restricted (like on Gmail).

Launch hangouts to engage with your audience

Hangouts is definitely what makes Google My Business relevant. It offers brands a new way to interact with their customers in an authentic way. Have a new feature to launch, an event to promote or a webinar to organize? Hangouts can be great to touch your audience directly. This is a great tool to build trust and awareness.

Be part of a community

Google+ offers a service called Communities where you can get involved in conversations about specific topics and invite people. People registered in these communities engage with each other and check their communities activity daily. As a brand, you can connect with people likely to share the same interest as you and thus recruit potential customers. When joining or creating one of these groups, the key is to get engagement and share valuable contents.

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