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Manage duplicate content

Solve issues where the wrong page gets indexed and increase CTR through improved SERP position and presence.

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Is your website duplicate content hurting your SEO?

Near-duplicates are one of the major SEO issues all websites face. The bigger your website, the more likely it is that near duplicates are hurting your SEO. The main question is to determine what level of similarity is acceptable. That’s why Oncrawl integrates a state-of-the-art linguistic approach based on the Damerau-Levenshtein distance.

Since every website is different, Oncrawl allows you to filter your near duplicates by similarity level in order to detect the similarity threshold at which duplication can hurt your SEO. Based on the results, you can perfect your canonical declarations and hreflang rules.

Rely on Oncrawl’s SEO platform to address duplicate content issues

Use the same type of algorithms as Google to identify pages with similar or duplicate content, and ensure they’re sending the right signals to search engines. Oncrawl’s near-duplicate chart lets you explore your clusters of pages with a high similarity ratio and find the root of the issue.

  • Spot if your duplicates are caused by an integration issue
  • Learn what pieces of content are contributing to duplicates
  • Check which zones of your website are more susceptible to duplication
  • See at a glance which groups are correctly canonicalized, which have errors, and which have no canonicalization in place
  • Verify that localized pages in the same language use the correct hreflang tags

What do you need to identify duplicate content on your site?

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Technical SEO Crawler

Run a complete crawl of your website to identify duplicates and near duplicates and manage canonicals and hreflang rules on your pages or group of pages.

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" Using Oncrawl has help us improve rankings and organic traffic: we were able to detect 149 534 orphan pages that accounted for 37% of all organic visits, reorganize the whole website structure, prune 60% of the content, lead the Googlebot to crawl the right pages and increase sessions by 37% and the number of transactions by 22%. "
Omi Sido Head of SEO at Canon Europe

Companies like yours use Oncrawl to detect near duplicates