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September 20, 2021 - 8  min reading time - by Thomas Bogh
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It’s no small thing anymore. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has increased more than ever the last couple of years, where more than 80 percent of marketers that adopt to AI see rapid and positive improvements.

Even while writing this article in Google Docs, the kind AI machine helped finish my sentences. So I guess most of you already have touched base with it or use AI in one way or another in your everyday work life.

But in this post I will not talk about all sorts of AI – a lot of these posts have already been created by others. No, this post will deek deeply into one of the most popular content formats of 2021: video.
Video in the SEO space
It has earlier been forecasted by Cisco that video as format will fill 80% of online traffic in 2022. This is huge numbers and therefore it’s obvious something we need to take seriously – not only in SEO – but marketing in general.

Now, video is not something you see in the same amount of content as with text creation – obviously. Video is more expensive to produce and takes a lot more time to create.

But with the improvement of AI technology we have created a new way to incorporate it in your SEO strategy together with our partner Synthesia.

With developers and SEO’s we have connected the best from both worlds and built templates for SEO purposes in Bonzer.

In the following I’ll there take you through:

  • An intro to AI
  • How we work with AI video in Bonzer
  • Case examples – and ranking impact
  • Your next steps

What is AI?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and is a simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. To highlight some of the applications you have different expert systems, natural language processing (NLP), recognition and more. One of the most well-known components in AI is machine learning.

AI requires both specialized hardware and software for training the machine learning algorithms. Some of the more popular programming languages for AI include Python, R and Java.

Basically, AI has one goal and that is to perform cognitive tasks better and even faster than humans. Something that for many businesses today increases revenue by a lot, which is why this is a golden opportunity in your SEO strategy.

How AI and SEO work together

AI and SEO have known each other for quite a while. This counts for both content creation and the tools we use to create strategies. This can be discovering new keyword opportunities and the algorithms in search including Rankbrain and BERT.

AI and SEO are both complex disciplines to succeed with but when used together it can boost rankings for your website if meeting the user demand – the search intent. Therefore the user experience is the main goal.

So if you understand the impact of AI in search a lot of possibilities will open for you to boost SEO results.

What is the AI challenge?

Even though AI has a lot of benefits in terms of automation and content creation it’s not all easy.

Because when ‘robots’ take over processes you’ll experience a lack of control and therefore your safety net in manual analysis and creation. This can decrease the quality of analysis and content if not properly prepared.

No matter what Google will always deliver the results that meet the searched queries in the best way – no matter how smart the content is created. Therefore to succeed with AI – and AI videos especially – you must have a strong and analyzed foundation before letting the robots do the work.

That’s why templates that fulfill the most important search guidelines are essential in cases like this.

How you can work with AI video

In my company (Bonzer) we work with AI in many different ways. This includes everything from our research tools (keyword and competitor research) to our content creation.

As any other company, we always want to improve. We always want to find a better way to meet search intent in a better and faster way. When looking at the core of SEO – the content – we know (from before) that video is a strong ranking signal.

Video is perhaps one of the strongest ranking factors in content. It even has its own section on Google and the world’s second largest search engine is Youtube – and Google owns it (surprise). Furthermore, all experts mention it as the ‘new black’ and according to an SEO inc study, video content is 50x more likely to get organic traffic than plain text.

So that’s the reason for working with video…

But again, even though it’s a great ranking factor it takes time and expenses to produce video. Therefore teaming up with developers or platforms that can boost the processes with AI is essential.

With our AI partners, we’re able to do things that couldn’t be done before. This means creating automated AI videos for clients with brand design and client avatars that meet the search intent based on SEO created templates and recognition – in other words; templates that meet best practices for video SEO.

AI video examples

Before going into the case study I want to share with you examples that give you an insight into AI video in SEO.

Just to share some bullets you can use AI video for search intents including:

  • Informational
  • Transactional
  • Commercial investigation
  • Navigational

So yes, basically you can create AI videos for everything – it’s just a matter of input.

Some of the keywords that see the most search volume – and where you can show great thought leadership before conversion – is the informational intent.

Both companies in art and legal space are already using some of these technologies in content.

You may know Contractbook from online contract templates. As part of their content universe, they have guides helping their users in the contract space.

Here you see an example (screenshot) of a video for negotiation, where everything is autogenerated. The video is created based on an optimized script and recognition. This is what makes the avatar speak.

Source and video example: Contractbook

The video strengthens the overall content performance since it both gives the users a plain text guide as well as a video. The video therefore connects with different types of user behavior.

To give you another example from a complete other space the international platform Artland helps explain their users about art movements and artists. This can be generated in a storytelling video.

Source and video example: Artland

Here you both have the picture shown and avatar speaking at the same time, which creates a good dynamic experience.

And there are many more examples. You may already know how to use it for your own content purpose.

In the following, I’ll give you insight to a case study of ours. This will give you a performance insight on what this can do for your business.

[Case Study] Driving growth in new markets with on-page SEO

When Springly began looking at expanding to the North American market, on-page SEO has been identified as one of the keys to a successful start in a new market. Find out how to go from 0 to success with technical SEO for your content strategy.

How it works – a case study from the real life

When creating an AI video the typical 3-step guide is:

  • Choosing the language and avatar of your video
  • Typing in your script
  • Generating the video

First, you of course need to do an analysis of the intent and content of the video – just as you need to make sure the video description is optimized afterwards.

The AI machine will based on the script make the recognition to create the avatar.

To give you an example we created a simple video for a client who wanted to rank for “conversion funnel” + longtails. Here they already had a plain text post about conversion funnels.

We therefore found a golden opportunity to meet demand by creating a video that repurposed the existing content.

We already had an advantage because the plain text could be used as inspiration for the video script.

We could have used a lot of side effects and video recordings but with this search intent it wasn’t needed. With our AI template, we simply used the conversion funnel illustration and the avatar.

The results? A explosion in ‘conversion’ rankings (23 different longtails) – and the most important keyword “conversion funnel” moving 28 up within a month based on the video improvement:

The best part is that the video now ranks #1 for “conversion funnel” on Google videos.

Of course, we did a lot more in this case in terms of technical SEO and link building – but this showed how we, based on the improvement of an AI video could increase our client’s visibility with an epic development.

Your next step

If you want to boost your content strategy by working with AI video you must first look at your situation today and set your goals.

From here it’s about doing a ‘classic’ SEO analysis and then creating your content strategy. Of course here the AI part is difficult. Therefore look for companies doing AI and SEO that can help you with the strategy. This is the very first step.

Key takeaways

AI opens up a lot of opportunities in the search space. This is due to the enormous demand from users seeking content in a video format before making any decisions.

Therefore by working with AI videos you get a chance to generate content that people want. But there are both pros and cons and if not doing it the right way you’ll only damage your business. That’s why you should team up with experts who know the connection between AI and SEO.

By creating AI video in the best SEO matter and based on search intent you will on the other hand be able to reach goals you couldn’t have without AI.

Artificial Intelligence makes it possible for you to create the videos you want – only faster and better. In other words, AI helps us improve – and isn’t that what we all seek?

Thomas is CPO & Partner of the SEO agency Bonzer. His ultimate passion is to study the search engine algorithms and use it in the development of SEO as a product. Therefore his focus is always to find a better and more automated way to fulfill the users search intent across the world. Something which shapes the modern product of Bonzer.
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