SEO in Orbit: New perspectives on duplicate content

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New perspectives on duplicate content

Aired on: June 24th, 2019

How do ranking factors and evolving search technologies impact the way we handle duplicate content? What does the future hold for similar content on the web? Join OnCrawl Ambassador Omi Sido and Alexis Sanders as they explore the question of duplicate content.


Alexis Sanders

Alexis Sanders works as a Technical SEO Account Manager at Merkle. The SEO technical team ensures the accuracy, feasibility and scalability of the agency’s technical recommendations across all verticals. She is a contributor to the Moz blog and the creator of the challenge and the SEO in the Lab podcast.


Hosted by: Omi Sido

Omi is a seasoned international speaker and is known in the industry for his humour and ability to deliver actionable insights that audiences can immediately start using. From SEO consulting with some of the world’s largest telecommunications and travel companies to managing in-house SEO at HostelWorld and Daily Mail, Omi loves diving into complex data and finding the bright spots. Currently, Omi is a Senior Technical SEO at Canon Europe and OnCrawl Ambassador.

Webinar Summary

Presenting Omi Sido and Alexis Sanders – [01:07]
What is duplicate content? – [02:37]
The Myth of the Duplicate Content Penalty – [03:33]
Difference between what users and bots see – [05:40]
– Effect on crawl budget for very large site – [06:10]
Is duplicate content a content or a technical issue? – [07:25]
– Sources of duplication – [07:50]
– Distribution of issues between technical SEO and content – [08:26]

How to find duplicate content – [10:29]
– Omi’s favorite tool: Grammarly – [10:55]
– Volume of unintentional duplicate content – [12:33]
– Prioritizing strategies for dealing with duplicate content – [13:15]
– Tools: Using segmentation in OnCrawl – [14:40]
– Tools: Google search and GSC – [15:50]
– Tools: Plagiarism tools – [16:38]
– Tools: Keyword density tools – [17:48]

Issues dependent on the type of site – [18:20]
Memorable cases – [18:49]
– Massively large site: results after adding unique content – [19:05]
Changes in the past 18 months – [21:53]
Technical issues handled by developers: too manual – [22:38]
– Automation/notification opportunities – [22:58]
– Site age and legacy infrastructure as a hindrance – [23:07]

Rel prev/next and communication from Google – [24:07]
– Lack of one-size-fits-all solutions – [25:20]
Hopes for the future of duplicate content management – [26:17]
Alexis’ favorite technical tricks – [31:03]
Technical SEO difficulties: robots.txt – [33:15]
Q&A – [37:08]
– HSTS: is split protocol required? – [37:32]
– Is translated content duplicate content? – [38:01]
– Can you use canonical tags instead of 301 redirects for an HTTP/HTTPS migration? – [39:10]

– Effect of duplicate page titles – [41:10]

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