Spotlight on segmentation: Identifying your most valuable pages

December 26, 2023 - 1  min reading time - by Danielle Escaro
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We’ve got a new type of content to share with you this week! Below we’re introducing our very first “spotlight case study” that gives you a quick look at a customer success story.

In this spotlight, we look at how custom segmentation can facilitate the process of identifying your site’s most valuable pages.

For an e-commerce site, being able to quickly identify your top pages in terms of organic traffic is always important. And that is exactly what a leading Canadian retailer wanted to gauge.

Take a look at the spotlight on segmentation below and keep your eyes open for future spotlight case studies that we will share on our social media channels.

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Spotlight on Segmentation: Identifying your most valuable pages


A leading Canadian retailer wanted to gauge which types of their webpages were bringing in the most organic traffic.


Oncrawl conducted a site audit and used scraping to build a custom segmentation to look at the levels of organic traffic on product pages vs. category pages; as well as category pages with and without product description blocks.


The client chose to evaluate whether the location of the content blocks on their PLPs had any impact on organic traffic. The audit helped them determine they did not.


The custom segmentation enabled the client to visualize and demonstrate internally what wasn’t working. They subsequently adjusted their SEO strategy to focus on another method to bring in more organic traffic.

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